Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Eusoff Sportsmen Bonding Session was held yesterday!

Although, the turnout rate was quite shocking; it was only about 30 or so participants out of a hall of 500+ people. It was unfortunate though, because the cooked food was really amazingly good (looks like the sportsmen in Eusoff are really uncover chefs!) and the BBQ was... well they paid a sum to the vendor, so calling it merely "good" would be doing injustice to the amount of money paid hahaha.

Well anyway, because there were so little of us, the whole affair was quite chill and easygoing. First thing my group did when they began the Missions on the Boardwalk was to buy McBreakfast :D Sportsmen get hungry y'know!!

Had to complete Missions in Giant Hypermart too, before we could begin buying ingredients for our cooking competition! The staff at Giant were nice enough to not shoo us out, given the amount of noise we made!! In return, we tried to clean up whatever mess we made as much as possible hehe.

Group 3! :D

Evan riding a bike in Giant :D

Then we returned to hall for the great cookout!
Group 3 cooking on C4!! :D

Making do with whatever we had

Bacon Alfredo! :D

Low Ann happy with the bacon :)

No pictures of the BBQ, cause I was too busy eating to snap pics. Hehe. But it was a crazy meat fest, with chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, pork, beef, chicken chop, turkey, satay, sausages....... it was INSANE the amount of meat they cooked! @_@ There was also a lone tray of cabbage leaves and I ate a lot of it because the meat was getting to me haha #fat 

Made new friends :D

SMC invited Dr William Tan to speak to us. Quite a few of my friends have heard him speak before so they said it was almost the same, and though I've heard of him before, I found his talk inspirational, still.   His right hand was pretty swollen - he said it was because of the medicine he had to take for his chemo - and it was quite both heartwarming and heart-wrenching to see him smile despite his condition. (Although, his talk added to the panic Joyce and I have for not having enough table tennis trainings during the holidays oh no).

Some seniors spoke to us too, about what IHG meant to them and Eusoff.

Most of us freshmen applied to Eusoff because we wanted to feel the IHG spirit, and it's quite scary realizing that IHG is starting in just 20+ days time. To be honest, I don't think many of us are ready, and I don't know what the rest of December will bring. As of now, I'm insanely packed for the whole month already. Don't know if this is a good or bad thing :\

Come IHG Week 1, I really really hope we can do Eusoff proud again.

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