Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's this? An update??

OBVIOUSLY, I am not the most hardworking person around. Heh heh heh.

Exams are coming up, regrettably in 3 weeks time and I have not started on my revision T_T
I deserve to be shot, I do. Work so hard and get my butt into uni, and spend three quarters of my time here on Facebook.

-insert facepalm-

Dammit there are people playing mahjong in the lounge. WHY ARE YOU PLAYING MAJONG AT THIS HOUR?? I need my mid-afternoon peace and quiet!!

Right, right. So. ANYBODY MISSED ME? :D Time for some unimportant updates about liiiiiife!

Where did I last stop. New Year celebration was it? Ahahaha.



Here's an unglam photo of myself playing table tennis, forever uploaded onto the complex web that is cyberspace, carved into stone for everyone to see.

EUSOFF HALL is the IHG Champion once again, thank you thank you! :D

But given the lateness of this post, you of course already knew that. Hehe I need to invent a sheepish-ing looking emoticon.

Oh ya. But I wasn't offered a place to stay in Eusoff for the next academic year cause I was 3 points short so, DAMN YOU EUSOFF. *shakes fist* Y EU SOFF NIAO!!!!
(But I'm in the Orientation Commitee now, and hopefully that means I'll get a room. SO TAKE THAT EUSOFF. Muahahaha!)

Speaking of hall. I was also the emcee for Eusoff Bash! (All the way back in February) Hannah didn't want to emcee alone, so I said OK I'LL DO IT WITH YOU lol impulsive is my middle name!

-insane applause- 
Why, thank you thank you, you're too kind

It was a ton of fun, despite the rush and all, and lol we were a bit high on one too many blue spins whee.

Where got emcees so red and high wan.

Sooooo professional hahaha. Come, I clap for myself.

In our defense, we were really feeling jittery and nervous (emceeing in Zouk leh) and we had speculations that the crowd was going to dao us, so we were doing all we could to stay happy and not get too depressed before the show even started.

But in the end, it turned out to be an unnecessary evil, because the audience was fantastic baby! Screaming even louder than our amplified voices; it was a great pageant to emcee :) Then again the fact that my ears were buzzing probably contributed lol.


Oh ya. And this guy. Hahahahaha.

Then, I spent much of March doing what I love: CHEERLEADING :D

Say hello to NUS Alpha Verve Team Blue!

It was a hell of a roller coaster ride. Trainings were tough, but I enjoyed it a lot. "Achievement Unlocked" my scorpion, gladiator, swedish fall etc etc. Even though I hit a down period with my partner stunt, I managed to get it back under the guidance of my coaches, Xuewei and Xingwei, and my Avatar seniors, Biyi and Nigel :D Yay!!

But of course, life's a troll (lol I totally should have seen this coming), and 2 days before Nationals, I took a careless fall and sprained my ankle, bad. See that ankle proudly displayed in the photo up there? Yeah, one week later, it got injured and swelled to the size of Antarctica.

So I just lay on the mats, hugging my crippled leg to my chest and started crying like a huge sobbing wreck cause the only thing in my head was: !(*&^%^@()(!)_*(&£^*&!!! I KILLED MY ANKLE 2 DAYS BEFORE NATIONALS WTF !!!!!


Ok I lied. What went on inside my head was something like this:

But you get the idea.

Shall not get into the details, it wasn't a nice memory. But my team stuck by me, and gave me all their encouragement and support and even though I couldn't really walk on Saturday, they gave me the strength to compete on Sunday :)

Oh and, CJ dropped everything (including Dota wooooo Cheryl 1 - 0 Dota!) to take care of me throughout the weekend :) I'd probably be a pile of rot in my room right now if he hadn't come save my handicapped self that Friday night.

 #感动, as usual ;)

Anyway, this was what I posted on the Alpha Verve FB Group the day after the competition:
THANK YOU to ALL THE ALPHAS for encouraging me after I sprained my ankle, and especially the SENIORS (:D!!) and COACH (:D!!) for advising me on how best I could treat it, for sharing with me stories of your own injuries so that I wouldn't feel so helpless, and even for just plainly trying to make me laugh :))) It felt less frightening after listening to your stories and advice, and I really really want to thank you all for giving me so much support, so that I could compete yesterday when I couldn't even walk on Friday!

Thank you to my team members who probably felt as lost and as scared as I did on Saturday when I couldn't do some stunts anymore, and so many changes had to be made, but hid the fear and tried their best to accommodate to my needs (otherwise we wouldn't possibly have hit ASU!!!!!!) and for being strong for me, and for everyone else!!

I'm very sorry my last-minute injury dealt such a great blow to everyone, but without it, I don't think we would have felt that immensely strong faith and support we had for one another during our 2 and a half minute on the mats yesterday (5, including the ASU rehearsal!!! :D)

So THANK YOU to all Alphas, for being there for me when I really needed it the most. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! :)

I wasn't able to do the partner stunt because my ankle couldn't take the impact from the toss to hands, but I'm very grateful my coach pushed me to fight my fear and compete. My scorpion became quite ugly cause I couldn't point my left foot, but hey, if you look really fast you can't really tell ;)

Because the standing leg is the left, it basically meant I can't do the old Gladiator anymore. I initially requested for Elyssa to take my place as mid-tier, but because of the routine, coach told me try again. Swapped my base leg to the right, and it worked! So now the two Gladiators look like mirrors of each other haha! :D Even though I couldn't jump, my bases, tired as they already were, gave me the extra boost to send me up to shoulder stand. Mega touched ;)

NUS Alpha Verve

We won 1st Runner-Up! :)

Haha and of course...
Thank you, again. Always :D

YUP SO. This has been my life so far! :)

If you realize, I haven't spoken about my academics at all HAHA (that's cause I don't take photos of it, hence no mention). But in fact, MY MODULES ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY.

In fact I have an Economics lecture in half an hours time and look at me, still chilling in my room and blogging. I deserve to be shot, really..


< /stupidity >

K no more updates from me till the Finals are over! :P


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