Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picnic at Marina Barrage! ...carpark.

CJ and I planned to have a picnic today, at Marina Barrage! Both of us will be starting work next week, and its a five-day work week, so we decided to have a picnic and fly a kite before starting work! :)

We made garlic wraps, filled with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and buttered sambal prawns!!! Omg the prawns were really yummy - if I do say so myself xD Paired with my mom's secret recipe green tea ribena and a jumbo bag of counterfeit Super Rings and we were good to go! :D

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very nice, and kept drizzling for the whole day :(
So we ended up having our picnic at the back of the minivan while it was parked near the Barrage haha! We kept the doors open so we could enjoy the breeze, but the wind just blew leaves in xD

Forgot to charge my camera, so all photos taken with my iPhone, edited with Vscocam!

Cute driver :D

Our lunch!!
Aptly named It's A Wrap! because there so many ingredients inside, yet it still tasted really good!! :D

Ended up going to CBTL at E!Hub because I was getting really sleepy :X
We got matching iPhone cases though, so it wasn't an unnecessary trip! Hahaha.

It was a happy day :)
Thank you :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Where Dem Babies At!

Finally visited them BAAAABIES! :D

Hayden & Lukas are the half-Dutch-half-Chinese twin toddlers of Aunt Serene, mummy's friend. But because Aunt Serene already has two older boys (yup, that's four little boys in the family), she got mummy to help look after the twins as they grow up! :D

So mumsy is something like a nanny to these two little tykes hahha I LOVE THEM they are so cute I swear.

Except when they scream and throw tantrums. Oh boy.



I could gush non-stop about these two, I could. My lockscreen is a photo of these two, and I change it every now and then to another photo of them hahaha. DIE HARD FAN HERE!!

Hayden playing with my sister

When my sis and I arrived, it was actually nearing their nap time.

Which was why they were so excited to see us and play with us haha!
We were like their saviors - anything to stop them from sleeping!!
Usually, Lukas needs some warming up to before he plays with strangers, and Hayden just outrightly kicks, screams and thrashes around when unfamiliar people approach him. So we thought, hey, they're warming up to us!!! :D

They both started screaming and crying when they woke up!!!! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.
Don't know if it's because they saw us (strangers), or cause they were in a bad mood. But it took half an hour to calm them down. Meanwhile, I died from the crying.
Babies are scary.

Back to being innocent

Mumsy giving Lukas a ride

Then we played on the trampolines!!! Whee!


Saaaave meeee


Hayden was a little shy about playing on the trampolines with us inside, so he opted for playing with the beads on my shirt instead hahaha.

And herein lies another tantrum; Hayden kept screaming when we tried to bring him into the trampoline, yet he kept running to it and pointing at it. We had no idea at all what was it that he wanted, and he kept screaming and running into a corner O_O

I can't understand babies sometimes :(
He did calm down after awhile though :D *phew*

Back to being innocent again

Awwww with a smile like that, I'd forgive you anytime!!! *heart melts*
They are using their cuteness to their advantage, these two !!!

Their second brother Nikolai trying to build a bird hahaha. Adorbs.


Sudden tantrum again hahaha.

Hayden invited me to sit down with him :D

Dis be how we swing.

Classic photo of my sister + Hayden :)

So yay! It was a very happy visit-the-twins day, although I was soooo tired I nearly fell asleep on the train back home. I don't know how mummy does it everyday, these twins are like little packets of energy that never run out!!
I'm old :(

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodbye Freshman Year


My trusty speakers. Thank you for bringing me through long and lonely nights in hall (haha!)

I don't really like late afternoon to evenings now. Makes me feel like the day is over, and exams are one day nearer @_@
Yes, I was psychologically affected by exams.

Terribly messy table. But hey, it was reading week! *defensive*

Every. Single. Day.

Tried to take the scenery outside Eusoff and this sotong comes along. Hahaha!

Sushi Tei Dinner with Hannah at Holland V
in the midst of preparing for PF1103, because I was about to die from stress :(
She convinced me that I had to leave hall that Saturday if not I was sure to be a pile of rot by Sunday (paper was on Monday).

My awesome Hannah Banana <3

Chawanmushi, my love


I told Hannah that the best way to check if the fish was fresh, was to see its eyes. If it's white and clouded over, YOU BE EATIN' UNFRESH FISH. But this fish had eyes so clear, I was quite worried it might start wiggling on the plate O_O

Me with my not-that-spectacular spicy ramen :(

I'm a convert. Hahaha!

Was in my happy rainbow tee that day :)

Exams ended!!! PF1103 was a terrible paper, and I didn't finish my SSB2216 essays :(
So our celebratory day was haunted with a slight sombre brooding in the air
(the sadness in the air was almost tangible haha)
Headed to Saveur at Bugis as per Elizabeth's recommendation.
The food was cheap, though in small portions, but definitely delicious!! :D
Here's Elizabeth and Ashley :D

Angel Hair Pasta sprinkled with shrimps. You could see the eyes on the shrimps!! It was kinda gross, but kinda cute at the same time haha.

Duck Confit.
Oh, and the mash - heavenly

Panna Cotta!!! Not a fan of the nuts, but panna cotta was sooooo good *licks fingers*

Don't think it was enough. Haha! 

Walked around Bugis after that... more specifically, to Bugis Street to get dem clothes!!! :D
Elizabeth and I :D
I'm so short :/

Dinner at Social Sin. Food was not too bad, but the service could seriously be improved. They came with an attitude. MOF needs to do something before their customer base vanishes, because I'm pretty certain I'd avoid that place if I could, no matter how good the food was. Oh well.
On to the rest of dinner! :)

Totally posing for the camera haha!

This was actually quite hilarious, Ashley was telling us how some models will keep their eyes closed, and just before the camera snaps, they open their eyes - this gives them bigger and more spirited eyes.
And so, we made Eliz and Ashley try, and it was soooo funny!! We were laughing madly at them while they kept their eyes closed haha!
Product is the above picture! Any difference? :D
And then, the FOOD arrived! :)
Rocket Salad with vinaigrette dressing. So bitter.

Soup of the Day. Was pretty good!

Full Works Breakfast Platter.
This was by far the best we had.

Let the Instagramfest begin!

Pizzas came! :D

Beef pizza was mehhh. Don't give it a go, guys.

Seafood - still ok.

And pretty soon, most of it was gone~
(Except the beef pizza. We tried.)
Hello Kai Ling!

Hannah Banana x Cherry Belly

Hannah Banana x Cherry Belly 2

And we moved on for
Dessert at Tom's Palette!

Handmade Ice Cream, it was really good!!
The staff were super friendly and seemed genuinely happy when we wanted to try their ice cream :) 
Not like those super niao ice cream parlors... (shall not name any).
We had Salted Caramel Cheesecake x Granny's Favourite (chocolate malt) and that $4+ was worth every happy scoop! :D
And that was a yummy end to a happy day with my D3 girls :)
Then, Thursday night rolled by,
and I had to move out before my teamNUS Summit camp on Friday...

Goodbye, D310
You've been a good room :)
And that sums up the last week of my freshman year in NUS! :D Crammed full with night after night of studying, memorizing and random bouts of depression and angst (you can check my twitter for more angsty news during exam week hahaha).
I'm currently on my Summer break, and this is really anything but a break o_o
Came back from teamNUS Summit on Monday night (Tuesday midnight, to put it more precisely), had a meeting with my cheer coaches yesterday night, and my training resumes today. On top of cheerleading, I have two camps to plan - Exposure and Hall Orientation. Oh dear. 
If I could shoot myself, I would.
But oh well, a promise is a promise, so I'll have to busy myself with stuff I guess. My poor family is going to see so little of me despite it being the holidays, as well as my other friends and CJ :( :( :(
I really have to juggle my time well this holidays, no nonsense from you, Cheryl!!! *last warning*
Ok, time to go pack my shoes before training begins! :)