Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Date with the CJ and meet up with hall buddies, Hannah Banana and Zabe after! :D
Due to conflicting schedules, CJ and I have had quite a few mini dates before/after our shifts, and it's been burning big holes in our pockets haha!

DRAGGED HIM TO KENNY ROGERS cause I needed to have Mac-and-Cheese!!

Complimentary muffins!

Chicken Pot Pie!
The creamy "soup" was really good, but only lasted a few scoops! :(

The reason why I simply had to have Kenny Rogers! 
Was cheesier than I remembered though

His chicken. HAHA.


Met up with Hannah Banana and Zabe at Koh Sushi Grill after! :)


First time having Shiok Maki!!
It was good! :D
Perhaps not as insanely delicious as everyone is making it out to be, but really tasty.
And probably sinful too, haha!

Quite a random picture, but this is Hannah glamorously checking-in her flight at SIA, Ion. Hahaha!
Note the model-esque angling of the head! 
Take care in Summer School banana!!!

And then we had Hokkaido Ice Cream for dessert YAY! :D


Was a short and busy, but happy Tuesday :D
Hopefully, I can meet up with all of my friends before Semester starts again :)  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Doggie Date! :D

Despite the insane smog in Singapore right now (I honestly believe the government is under-reporting the PSI values. There is no way the thick blanket of nothing but gray outside my window is 322), CJ decided to bring me out on Friday to see some doggies! :D 

There's a cute doggie cafe at Tanjong Katong, adorably known as We are the Furballs, or "WTF" for short hahaha. So off we go, on a hazy Friday!

Masks on!

You know how some girls continually to refer to their boyfriends as "the boy", or "the bf", or "the boyf"..?
(You get my drift)
I cannot fathom what the "the" is for, but for the sake of trendiness I shall now call Cheng Jun "the CJ".

The CJ brought me to Batter Fluffy Flaps, also known as BFF, for brunch! There we go with the acronyms.

Was a cute cafe :)

'Twas a cute boy

And an even cuter girl hahahhaha

Baked beans were bleh, but the little sausage cocktail reminded me of breakfast at Superstar Virgo :) 
Scrambled eggs - forever my weakness. Pancakes were fluffeh!

Again, fluffy pancakes, awesome mushroom-n-cheese omelette and the sweetest cherry tomatoes! :)
I think I enjoyed this more than I did at Strictly Pancakes.

how can this be insufficient to convert you??
Super love selfless cafes that give in to my selfish (and fatty) desires heheheheh.

Mega excited! :D

Praying to the doggie lantern before we enter.

This is BUI BUI! :D
The dog I mean.

She makes any girlfriend jealous; the moment the CJ sat down, Buibui cuddled onto his lap!!
Why you little....

But she was sleepy hehe. Oh well :D

Slinky the sausage dog!!
The first dog to give me some love :')
Apparently she's a slutty dog cause she cuddles everybody, but it took a bit of coaxing for her to come to me HAHA

I'm unappealing :(

CJ with Lulu, the toy poodle!

And then with me! :D

(Actually I think she was tired and needed someone's lap)

This is the closest I got :(
I have a crazy thing for poms, but the two pomeranians at Furballs didn't even let me touch them sob sob sob. We concluded that it was because we smelt like Buibui (who promptly went to another male guest when he arrived after us) so they didn't like us HAHA.

Just kidding Buibui!

(I will still avoid Buibui the next time I go, until after Lola or Yuki-chan decide I'm not that unappealing after all...)



And that concludes the Doggie Date! :D Was a good day, despite the 20 minute drive in the wrong direction hahaha!

Oh yeah, and Duchess (the cocker spaniel) was only really fascinated with my shiny gold shoes.

Note to self: wear sparkly things to Furballs next time.