Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Date with the CJ and meet up with hall buddies, Hannah Banana and Zabe after! :D
Due to conflicting schedules, CJ and I have had quite a few mini dates before/after our shifts, and it's been burning big holes in our pockets haha!

DRAGGED HIM TO KENNY ROGERS cause I needed to have Mac-and-Cheese!!

Complimentary muffins!

Chicken Pot Pie!
The creamy "soup" was really good, but only lasted a few scoops! :(

The reason why I simply had to have Kenny Rogers! 
Was cheesier than I remembered though

His chicken. HAHA.


Met up with Hannah Banana and Zabe at Koh Sushi Grill after! :)


First time having Shiok Maki!!
It was good! :D
Perhaps not as insanely delicious as everyone is making it out to be, but really tasty.
And probably sinful too, haha!

Quite a random picture, but this is Hannah glamorously checking-in her flight at SIA, Ion. Hahaha!
Note the model-esque angling of the head! 
Take care in Summer School banana!!!

And then we had Hokkaido Ice Cream for dessert YAY! :D


Was a short and busy, but happy Tuesday :D
Hopefully, I can meet up with all of my friends before Semester starts again :)  

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