Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Too Old For This

That was the most oft-used phrase for the whole of today. 

Visited the cutie pies Hayden & Lukas again! Brought CJ along to see them too, because he had enough of my constant cooing over the babies and wanted to see just how cute they really are (and need I say, they won him over too? ;) With their undying energy and spirit, that is).

Went over at around 3pm, just as they were waking from their afternoon nap :)

Be prepared for some toddler cuteness! :D

Lukas, strangely, was not in his usual friendly mood and opted to cry into his yellow blankie o_o

Mummy: Would you like more Pringles, Hayden?
Hayden: RAWR!!

CJ bribing them with chocolates and looking quite evil as he does so. Hahaha.

So Lukas found his crocodile toy and ran towards me yelling "RAHHHH!"
This was the best I got, hahaha!

Play time! CJ playing with Lukas :)

And battling animals with him. Boys be boys.

To their mini playground they go!

Overexposed photo, but too cute to resist!
So Lukas chucked his crocodile toy a little too hard, and it disappeared within the bushes!! :O
They both went "uh-oh!" and hurried to the bush, crouched down, and tried looking for it. Hahaha too cute!!!

They promptly ignored the toy after a few minutes of futile crouching.

Lukas and his friend, Tongue.
Proudly captured by CJ :)

Trampoline time! The kiddos love jumping over me.

They then quickly progress to jumping on me.

Big brothers Kristian and Nikolai arrive! Super cheeky climbers, these two.

(He should consider modelling.)

My very own model 

With Nikolai in the tiny playhouse :)

Oops! Accidental peck as they try to join forces and push their older brother off the trampoline!

Back from the mini playground and taking a breather...

...before we set off for the park!!
These kids have way too much energy. Refer to title of this post.

See-saw with a cute boy :)

Looking after the three kids like an older brother hahaha

Fighting for the scooter :O

Acting like a dork for me hahahaha! 

And pretty soon we headed back home :)

Final pic of CJ with Lukas after his bath!! :D


It was a really fun day with the kids, but I'm not joking when I say it was insanely tiring as well. (That's why it usually takes me a full month to recharge before I go see them again HAHA.)

The phrase "I'm too old for this" really isn't an exaggeration. 

Sometimes, I wonder just when it was that our energy levels depleted. Was it the constant schooling which made us more lethargic, or simply the process of aging that made our bodies more prone to aches and pains? Sometimes when I look at the kids, I ponder over when it was that I started 'growing up'. (I wonder if my own parents ever thought this way as they cared for me throughout the years.)

When I do sports now, I tend to be more careful than I would be if I were five, or six. (Cartwheels, for example, came so naturally to me while I was still in pre-school. Now, it takes me a month to get it right. Eep.)

Children just have this ability to play with abandon, with little regard for anything else, so long as they have fun. Adults, on the other hand, seem to prioritize safety above all else. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly does take away some of the happiness.

Then again, somebody needs to be around to keep the safety factor in check.

So it's going to be my 20th birthday tomorrow, adding another year to my 'growing up' series. While my energy levels may have depleted, and my body more prone to aches and pains, I really hope I won't forget what it's like to be tiny but strong; small but carefree.

I remember climbing up and down the monkey bars as a child, and while I no longer carelessly scurry up a monkey bar pole and swing from handle to handle, I still enjoy the memory of it very much - the wind in my hair, the redness in my face, even the blisters on my hands. 

Happy 20th Birthday to myself, and may the Little Cheryl in me never grow old.

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