Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Afternoon Walks

Took the babies out for their first ever bus trip on Saturday! :) It was also their first time going up an overhead bridge, and they kept stopping, pointing at the cars that were speeding under and kept going "MA KWEEN!" (they were referring to Lightning McQueen, the main character in Cars ahaha adorbs). Sis and I were supposed to get up at 8 and go to the twins' house with Mommy. Unfortunately, we couldn't wake, and ended up going to their place at 1. I don't know how my mom does it every. single. day. o_o

It felt great being able to talk to my sister again, after my many months of hallstay and her many months of internship. I remember we used to bicker A LOT (which siblings won't?) to the point that I was sure I would disown her the moment I could. I was such a kid hahaha :P

Lukas awoke way before his twin brother did, and got to eat more wang-wangs too.

"Ma kween! Ma kweeeeen!"

Lukas would tug on my mom's purse cause her hands were full from carrying Hayden. The silly toddler also loves to sing and talk gibberish with himself :D

McQueen and Mayter the tow truck

Sis & Hayden
(the two are quite similar in character - they hate being made to wake up for one hahaha)

Have I ever mentioned how he should consider modelling?
Yes? Well, again, he should really consider.


Not the best picture of me, but look at these two!! Look at the way they eat!

When I was younger and still living opposite the Sentosa Gantry and way before Vivo City was built, my mom often took us for afternoon walks at the then-World Trade Centre. It was a grand old place, but very empty. People hardly came because it was too far south and the World Trade Center wasn't anything spectacular anyway. 

But I loved those walks. Oftentimes we took our bicycles and cycled to WTC instead. Where it is now the Vivo Boardwalk used to be a long brick path along the sea, overlooking a very foresty, very unresort-ish Sentosa. We would ride up and down the long brick path, uninterrupted by the crowds present at the Boardwalk today. During the Mooncake festival, we'd carry our lanterns with us and sit at the edge of the brick path, legs dangling over, taking in deep breaths of the fresh ocean air. The three of us - my mom, my sister and myself - would then stare up at the sky and try to count the stars.


Been taking wayyy too many pictures of the twins recently. I should just quit school and consider a career in children's photography. Hahaha! Well in other news, school has officially started!! Most of my lectures fall on a Monday, and while that means I have a crazy long first-day-of-the-week, it also means the rest of my week is more or less free! *cheers*

I'm really hoping I can ace this semester and make my mom proud :D It's gonna be tough; after studying my butt off last semester and only barely managing to maintain my CAP, it really showed me just how hard I'm going to have to work if I want to retain it, let alone pull it up. 

BUT I CAN DO THIS!!! Yes, yes. Let's go Cheryl!! (self-motivation)

And all the best to everyone else starting school too! :D It's gonna be a goooood AY13/14! *whistles*

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