Tuesday, August 20, 2013

AY 13/14, Week 1

Here's what my hall room is like for Year 2 :)

Finally got my hands on this book! Initially I'd walked past this aisle, but my sister spotted it and pulled me back. Phew.
Can't wait to read this baby omg :)

Note the fur rug. Hahaha. Isn't it comfortable?? :D *pleased*

The papoy attacks! :D

This cute giraffe is Cheng Jun's 20th birthday present to me :))
We spent a long time trying to give her a name, from Giraffe to Camel to Banana. Nothing stuck.

Until we saw that the minions from Despicable Me called toys "Papoy" and the name instantly worked! Hehehe.

Papoy says bye-bye! :)

Ramen at Yoshimaru with Ashley & Elizabeth the afternoon before Eusoff Bash!:) We took a bus to Holland V, and talked about hall (haha what else is new). Really miss the D3 of last year. But oh well, I'm thankful I've still got Zabe in D3 this year, and that Ashley comes to visit!! :D

Eusoff Freshmen Bash!
Pet, JJ, Kunz, Zabe, Ashley, me and Soon Hock, who was unfortunately half-blinking while the camera flashed, so I decided to put a pretty ladybug on him hahaha!

Zabe's belated birthday surprise!! :)

Took awhile to coordinate everything, but luckily, we managed to infiltrate her room and surprise her just as she came back from a shower hehheh.

Singing happy birthday many, many times, in hopes the security guard will come up and scold us haha. D blockers ._.

The happy birthday girl! :D

With her roomie Yan Lin, a Year 1 student who kindly offered to be my spy and update me whenever she leaves her room xD

Last year's D block representatives for Eusoff Pageant hahaha!


LOL whut.

D3 12/13 girls :D (Hannah, Ashley, Kailing and Angeline are in the photos behind hahaha)
So glad to have met them 

And finally.
Found this in my camera. Bet he's trying to learn how to camho while I was bathing hahahaha!


For academic year 13/14, I wanna focus more on my studies and hall. No more last minute tutorials, and no more last minute revisions. My modules this year are all pretty interesting (law, communication, construction technology, psychology in new media and -gasp- physics) so I will try really hard not to let myself down :)


Good luck to everyone else who's just started university or a new semester! It's a fresh new start (yet CAP is cumulative sighpie) so go go go :D

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