Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Rest Of July In Pictures

It has been a very, very eventful July! :D

Even though I, regrettably, wasn't able to fully contribute to SDE Rag as a cheer coach as earlier promised, I spent much of my time planning Eusoff Hall's Orientation Camp with the rest of the Programmers-turned-Platinum-friends, and...

*cheers cheers*

The few days before Camp Day 1 was a hectic blur. We met in the mornings and prepared logistics, everything from shopping at Sheng Siong (and digressing and buying hall necessities) to sitting around in the Seminar Room, blowing up floats and making decorations.

We picked Harry Pott(EH) as the theme this year, and passe as some may think it is, it was an awesome camp theme (if I do say so myself). Characters were easy to play, decorations could be elaborate, games had a storyline, and best of all, WE HAD A SOUNDTRACK.
Take that, all you other second rate camps. Muahahahahahaha.

PLATFORM 9 & 3/4!
Featuring our lovely Pet Owl :D

We initially wanted to steal borrow a trolley from Sheng Siong and ram it through our fake platform, but we decided that wheeling a trolley from West Coast all the way back to hall may be a bit too suspicious so we scrapped the idea. Hehehe. #whoops

Might I add, the red brick-shaped stamps on our fake wall was made by utilizing the underside of old lunch boxes (which still had a bit of noodles inside that kept dropping out eeeeee). We should be part of the Green Comm man.

Bit blur, but here's the co-head PJ and I! And Pet Owl hehe.

Day 1 passed by amazingly! The icebreakers weren't your usual lame games okay. I borrowed (lots of borrowing going on heheh) a game I played at TeamNUS where the emcee would call for, for example, THE LONGEST..... and the audience has to scramble and find the longest something amongst their camp mates.

It usually becomes quite suggestive, but for "THE HARDEST", we ended up having a BUNCH of guys vying for the title of the hardest hip thrust HAHA it was SO DAMN FUNNY to watch them hip-thrusting to Gentleman. Hilarious. Made everyone love Eusoff, I'm sure xD

Programmers at the beach! :D 

Day 3
After the Eusoff Challenge, a traditional 5k inauguration run around campus.

And finally, the last day :)
(yes, we are wearing the same shirt)

After the grueling 4 days + enormous amount of prep work crap we went through together, we declared ourselves platinum-level friends!

You know how in primary school, we wrote autograph books and we always had a "Friends Chart", and we ranked our friends like the heartless bitches we are? (Hahahha on hindsight, mannnn we are mean) Well, if we had to rank our EHOC friends, we would be platinum. HAHAHA.

Moral of the story: We're all lonely hall-dwellers.


And on the 30th of July, Chengjun and I celebrate our 6th month of togetherness!! :D

Unfortunately, as it was the day after camp, we just slept all the way past noon. 

Belated celebration on the 1st of August!! :D Took advantage of the 1-for-1 promo at Manhattan's like the cheapo poor uni students we are :)

Super yummy caesar salad, and surprisingly good tomato soup!
I'm usually not a fan of tomato soups, but this was sweet, creamy and tangy all at the same time, without being too sharp like how tomato soups unfortunately tend to be. It had just the right amount of sour that tasted more refreshing than overwhelming.
4 stars! I recommend you not to do the $1 upgrade to change your Tomato Soup into a Mushroom Soup at Manhattan's :)

But that's not the end....
Look what the silly boy got for me

And in baby pink too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So touched I can't even.

He effectively spent 3 weeks worth of pay for my aquarium trip + dinner, and now a camera!!

Ok brb imma go snap pics like a hipster

#polaroid #swag #yolo #nevertoolate

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