Friday, September 27, 2013

Big, Important, and really really Busy

No seriously. From small and short, I have now become

Basically killed whatever remained of my social life in September hahaha.

I feel that I've become a lot more serious (read: stressed) about my work this semester. I remember Semesters 1 and 2 breezing by, with me chilling around like a cucumber during my three-day weeks (haha looks like my humour is gone too, wtf is "chilling like a cucumber" - doesn't even make sense i hate myself).

Yet despite my lackluster efforts in my studies, I somehow managed to stay "safe" - and I guess it's because I know I should be doing better that I am putting so much pressure on myself to do it.

Moral of the story: Be a couch potato, and you'll be a unicorn.
I want to be a unicorn :(((((((((


Picked up my dusty photoshop skills from the shelf recently, because somehow hall got to know that I can use photoshop and are exploiting me giving me manymanymany points in consideration of publicity posters and designs.

This opportunity to a noob graphics maker (haro, have you seen this lame website I designed for my Literature class in 2008?) is EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS. People actually like my work!!! I AM A LOVED ARTIST!!! *sobs sobs*

Allow me to document my favourites hehehe:

The sexy leg is Cheng Jun's hahaha.
Photography + Design this is like my dream job man SOMEBADY HIRE ME ALREADY.



And this, people, is why I have been busy.
Oh and, I just finished a small part of both my contec and law projects SO YAY WOOHOO time to CELABRATE (yah la spelling wrong la).

TATA MY FRIENDS thanks for sticking around teehee I know you're procrastinating GO DO YOUR WORK.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FoodBook: Chock Full Of Beans

So after much incessant whining for brunch on my part (hehehehe), Cheng Jun brought me to Chock Full Of Beans on a warm rather cold Sunday afternoon :D Yay!

The quaint cafe is situated in a cosy nook near Changi Village, but seemed a little bit small and squeezy in my opinion. It was a refreshing change of location though; all dem indie cafes be hiding at glamourous, usually-inaccessible spots these days *coughduxtoncough*

(While it does add to the thrill of treasure-hunting those gems out, sometimes, I just want to take a bus to eat some good brunch, dammit.)

My first ever Eggs Benedict! :)

I know, I know. Who on earth hasn't had an eggs benny before??
-raises hand meekly-

I got to try these yummy eggs at Chock Full of Beans! They were... good, but kinda small and mine took foreverrrrr to come :( The tables next to us got their eggs benedict a good 10 minutes before I did, making me more and more gian (for lack of a better word ahaha) while I waited.

But when it finally did come, I had to snap pics! :D The thick homemade toast was a good complement to the runny eggs, and the hollandaise - omigod. And this is totally not the star of the dish, but I actually really, really liked the side salad. Never was a fan of rocket leaves, but wow.

Eggs Benny are all the rage now, people are going crazy over the runny yolk, the fluffy whites, and the insanely delectable hollandaise sauce. (Omg I wanna learn how to make hollandaise sauce.) Just search #eggsbenedict on Instagram. NO, WAIT don't do it on an empty stomach!! My stomach's growling gaaah.

Cheng Jun had a whole platter to himself, but because it came before mine did, I kinda maybe probably ate his food.. ? HAHA. Not a fan of bacon & beans though :X

(in other words, I ate everything else)

It was also my first time having a flat white! As a self-professed caffeine addict, I usually only drink...

HAHA I KID. Totally not your caffeine junkie, but I do like the occasional coffee - which university student can say otherwise?

Tried this cup after much egging on by CJ (did you see my pun muahaha), and it was really good!!! I kid you not. You must try the flat white when you're there. Super fragrant, super delicious, and the foam had just the right amount of bubbly. I personally like my coffee sweet, so I added about two satchels of raw sugar while Cheng Jun looked on in horror hahaha. Hurray for cute coffee art! I heard you can ask for customized art - totally gonna try asking for a cute, fat giraffe next time.

Address Blk 4 Changi village road #01-2090
Singapore 500004
Phone 6214 8839
Opening Hours Tue - Fri: 11:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00
Taro Points Their aromatic, delicious Flat White! :)


This week, we're having e-learning, which essentially means we don't have to go to school (hurray!!!) but we still have to watch online lectures, go for online tutorials, and stay in pace with the rest of the class (booo...)

Unfortunately, I spent much of Monday doing nothing (yes, did you know you can actually do nothing?) and now I am behind time :( Three more online lectures to watch, and two more tutorials. Ahhhhh, but you can do this Cheryl!

And I have to do it before 8pm too, because I have dance tech class - eeeeep, where did my time go!! @_@

/abrupt end.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Life - pretty mundane so far. I've been a boring crustacean in my little shell of work, work, hall and work. But oh well, I made a promise to pull my CAP up this year, and I fully intend to keep it *sweats*

My CAP's still alright at the moment, but I want to see if I can push the boundary just a little bit more and achieve something really remarkable. I heard it gets harder to do well as we advance (no shit Sherlock) so... if not now then when?! Haha.

Unfortunately, I frequently find myself drifting off into the endless seas of daydream, wander and pure, undiluted stoning. And sleeping. Oh man, do I sleep. It could be my job at the rate I'm clocking my napping hours. Maybe it's cause we're still in Week 4, and my brain refuses to start its engine, but I'm really going to achieve nothing but woolgathering if this goes on.



My block's playing Angel & Mortal right now. I'd say it's waaaay more successful this time round (as compared to the abysmal hall-wide A&M we did last year). It actually feels really nice to come back to my room and find a small gift waiting at my doorstep :)

I heard other blocks are really going hard at their angel & mortal - one guy even taped Pet's door up in balloons! But you know, I'm quite satisfied with the way things are at D Block, and maybe I'll stop lamenting over how I wished the D Block of last year was still around, and try to appreciate the way things are right now.

After all, change is the only constant. Might as well learn to love what I have, than whine over what I want. Hahaha #wisewords anyone??? :D


Selfie of Baba, cause I'm currently looking too nerdy to take my own