Friday, September 27, 2013

Big, Important, and really really Busy

No seriously. From small and short, I have now become

Basically killed whatever remained of my social life in September hahaha.

I feel that I've become a lot more serious (read: stressed) about my work this semester. I remember Semesters 1 and 2 breezing by, with me chilling around like a cucumber during my three-day weeks (haha looks like my humour is gone too, wtf is "chilling like a cucumber" - doesn't even make sense i hate myself).

Yet despite my lackluster efforts in my studies, I somehow managed to stay "safe" - and I guess it's because I know I should be doing better that I am putting so much pressure on myself to do it.

Moral of the story: Be a couch potato, and you'll be a unicorn.
I want to be a unicorn :(((((((((


Picked up my dusty photoshop skills from the shelf recently, because somehow hall got to know that I can use photoshop and are exploiting me giving me manymanymany points in consideration of publicity posters and designs.

This opportunity to a noob graphics maker (haro, have you seen this lame website I designed for my Literature class in 2008?) is EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS. People actually like my work!!! I AM A LOVED ARTIST!!! *sobs sobs*

Allow me to document my favourites hehehe:

The sexy leg is Cheng Jun's hahaha.
Photography + Design this is like my dream job man SOMEBADY HIRE ME ALREADY.



And this, people, is why I have been busy.
Oh and, I just finished a small part of both my contec and law projects SO YAY WOOHOO time to CELABRATE (yah la spelling wrong la).

TATA MY FRIENDS thanks for sticking around teehee I know you're procrastinating GO DO YOUR WORK.

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