Thursday, September 5, 2013


Life - pretty mundane so far. I've been a boring crustacean in my little shell of work, work, hall and work. But oh well, I made a promise to pull my CAP up this year, and I fully intend to keep it *sweats*

My CAP's still alright at the moment, but I want to see if I can push the boundary just a little bit more and achieve something really remarkable. I heard it gets harder to do well as we advance (no shit Sherlock) so... if not now then when?! Haha.

Unfortunately, I frequently find myself drifting off into the endless seas of daydream, wander and pure, undiluted stoning. And sleeping. Oh man, do I sleep. It could be my job at the rate I'm clocking my napping hours. Maybe it's cause we're still in Week 4, and my brain refuses to start its engine, but I'm really going to achieve nothing but woolgathering if this goes on.



My block's playing Angel & Mortal right now. I'd say it's waaaay more successful this time round (as compared to the abysmal hall-wide A&M we did last year). It actually feels really nice to come back to my room and find a small gift waiting at my doorstep :)

I heard other blocks are really going hard at their angel & mortal - one guy even taped Pet's door up in balloons! But you know, I'm quite satisfied with the way things are at D Block, and maybe I'll stop lamenting over how I wished the D Block of last year was still around, and try to appreciate the way things are right now.

After all, change is the only constant. Might as well learn to love what I have, than whine over what I want. Hahaha #wisewords anyone??? :D


Selfie of Baba, cause I'm currently looking too nerdy to take my own

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