Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Several Subjects Sunday, late. HAHA.
Look on the bright side my lovelies!! I'm procrastinating blogging, but I'm focusing on my work!!! :D
(or am I)


ONE Who loves coffee as much as I do?? Well ok let's rephrase that.
Who likes coffee onlywhenithaslotsofsugarorhasthestarbuxlogostampedonit as much as I do?? :D:D Here are 11 reasons why you should drink coffee everyday! Oh man I want a cuppa now. Did you know that if you had a cup of coffee right before your nap, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, without that head-splitting, groggy feeling? :)
There you go, that's one takeaway for you right there.
Visiting this blog is the best thing to happen in your life right now.

TWO I couldn't resist adding this. I just couldn't. Click for babes & hunks.
Who wants to start a Jafar fanclub with me??

THREE This is why kids are the best people ever. Oh man they are SO ADORABLE!! This is why I love Hayden & Lukas so much!! :D Speaking of them...

YOU ARE WELCOME. I love these twins so much I can't even.


Spot the difference :)

(L - Hayden, R - Lukas)

There's some twin love right there :))

Can you believe they used to be like this????
This was taken in 2011, when I was in J2. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!
Babies grow up way too fast.
I need to dedicate a long blogpost to these two.

L - Lukas, R- Hayden

Woohoo, carrying Hayden since 2011 :)

FOUR In more happy, happy news... Here's a touching story. Kindness people, kindness :D

FIVE This was also incredibly touching :') I feel like I've learnt a lot from that woman. Despite her age, she's still so kind and gentle and loving. I hope I will be someone like that one day (I must start now). This was so inspiring, and brought tears to my eyes :))

SIX And another beautiful thing which I stumbled upon....

I remember there was a time when I was so in love with Disney movies.

Not just the usual Princess stuff that's being advertised like crazy in recent years, but really the inspiring stuff. Family, sacrifice, growing, learning.... My absolute favourite was Tarzan (in fact I'm a little disappointed they didn't include Tarzan), and then I can't decide the order between The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas... Sleeping Beauty is also one of my favourites, but not for the princess. It's an entire different story, but I'll leave that for another time :)

For now, enjoy! :D

Saturday, October 26, 2013

FoodBook: Drips Bakery Cafe

One beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I dragged CJ by the leg to Drips Bakery Cafe, a rather popular cafe hangout at Tiong Bahru :)

Unfortunately, I didn't leave feeling particularly happy or satisfied, as I normally would when I visited cafes.

Pictures taken from http://www.drips.com.sg/dripsbakery/

The interior of the cafe, on first glance, was quite interesting. They wrote out their menu in true hipster style on the cupboards, and the counter was surrounded with all sorts of beautiful tarts and pies. We also received a warm "Welcome!!" when we stepped in, and it seemed to make the long trek to the cafe worth it.

However, besides the counter and the coffee corner, where a lot of time and effort had been dedicated to, the sitting area was a little on the bland side. It was not all that comfortable or cosy, and there was a caucasian right in front of us who was trying to discreetly touch a woman (his girlfriend?) in rather inappropriate areas, but obviously he didn't succeed in being discreet. It was quite awkward for us to be honest. 

The "prettier" back-end of the cafe was, unfortunately, filled with students who were studying so we couldn't go in.

We sat there waiting for a menu, but none came. We then tried to catch the eye of a staff by waving, but while some briefly glanced around, none seemed particularly interested in helping us. I had to resort to google searching Drips' menu. After a while, we noticed a chalkboard hanging directly above another customer's table, and what seemed like the menu was written on it in marker. 

I don't know if they were taking the hipster thing a bit too far, but we were quite bemused (and a little irritated) that we had to stand awkwardly right in front of other customers to read the menu. CJ wasn't taking too kindly to the cafe and ordered only a drink, while I had a Green Tea Latte and a Cinnamon Pear tart. 

At the counter, the cashier didn't seem happy when I pulled out a $50 note (taxi driver syndrome anybody?), and asked me for smaller notes. I said I didn't have anything else on me, and the lady next to him gestured him (as well as told him, but she used another language - really??) to just give me change. He seemed to protest (in that language), and when she replied while gesturing in the same manner she did earlier, he seemed quite unhappy (i.e. black face) and wordlessly passed me my change and receipt before turning his back to us.

The saving grace here was the lady, who then politely gave me my cinnamon pear tart and passed me utensils.

The cinnamon pear tart was quite good. The cinnamon went amazingly well with the crunchy pear. I'm not usually a fan of cinnamon, but this was pretty nice.

The crust, however, was too thin and there was way too little of it. Not in a "lesser pastry, more topping" kind of little, but really, a strange lack of base. Wish there was a little more pastry. Overall, it seemed a little pricey because it was quite small (I think we paid about $5 or $6 for this?) 

Won't lie, the Green Tea latte was goooood. It can totally compare with Starbucks.  
Frothy and creamy, but the taste of green tea was still there. Very nice, I was super pleased with the drink :) In fact I secretly didn't want to share mine with CJ. 

CJ's Ice-Shaken Lemon Tea (pictured on the left) however... much too sour for my liking. It was refreshing, but a bit too much. He didn't finish it because the lemon was a tad too strong. 

And so, we left. 

Address82 Tiong Poh Road #01-05, Singapore 160082
Phone6222 0400
Opening HoursSun - Thur : 11:00am - 9:30pm
Fri & Sat : 11:00am - 11:00pm
Taro PointsGreen Tea Latte

Friday, October 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: ☃

Throwback Thursday is a LIE.
I keep posting them after Thursday :( 

But, in my defense, I have been really busy with my assignments ahhhh. Five projects are due in the coming two weeks and I have been working my butt off. In fact my derrière should be pretty damn fine at the rate it's been worked.

Today's #tbt is about...
Please excuse the cui face hehe

Yes, I'm still stuck in Japan 2010. HAHA I can't help it, my wanderlust is getting out of hand. I NEED TO GO OVERSEAS. 

That little white lumpy thing up there is my first ever snowman!! I know it seems really insignificant, but I was really, really happy the day I made it. You see lots of people building snowmen on TV, but when can you actually get to do it yourself?? It's a lot harder than it looks (rolling a small chunk in the snow certainly doesn't make it bigger - cartoons lie), but I was super pleased with how my first snowman turned out!! Isn't he cute. I gave him two pebble eyes and a twig for a mouth :3

In the previous Throwback Thursday, I talked about skiing at Rusutsu Ski Resort :D
Backtrack to the night before our ski experience, and we had just had a yummy buffet spread for dinner. We didn't want to return to our rooms yet and since there was no hot spring at the hotel (there were hot springs in almost all the other hotels we went to in Hokkaido!!), we decided to wander out of our hotel and take a quick look at the landscape.

Needless to say, the snow around us was, as always, breathtaking.

Sis and her pet rock snow

Adorable aunt Tammy, without whom this trip would not have been possible :)

Look at the pretty structures in the background! They were all fitted with LED lights and, against the dark winter sky, were nothing short of festive :) It was simple, but beautiful, and it made me quite envious that we can't have winter in Singapore.

It was cold...

Once again, with her pet snow

We had a great time frolicking in the snow and trying to make as many snowmen as we could. It was one of the more memorable parts of my Japan trip because it was so peaceful - free from time restrictions and schedules. It was also a very simple kind of fun which I'm sure we all enjoyed :D

We left Rusutsu with a bit more (rather deformed) snowmen than they had started out with.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FoodBook: Saveur

In today's edition of Cheryl's FoodBook, I bring you something which I have tried thus far only twice, yet has me falling completely and irrevocably in love.


My first experience at Saveur was with my hall girls Ashley and Elizabeth during our post-finals shopping spree at bugis. CJ has a  c r a z y  sense of taste (he's the real food critic here) and I was dying to bring him to Saveur because, if you haven't already read my previous snippet on Saveur, their food is heavenly. So my second trip to Saveur was to celebrate our 8 months of togetherness (aww), and there could not have been a more amazing place as Saveur.

Angel Hair Pasta

Seriously. I can't even begin to tell you the foodgasm we were having right there in our chairs at the Far East Plaza outlet. It was magical. You know how normally pasta ends up either sorely overcooked or tasting as if it hardly touched boiling water? Oh no. Not this pasta.

This pasta was perfect.

You see how perfect it is? I even had to bold the damn word. Typing it in plain font face is an injustice to the chef. Add a little of the pork mash and shrimp onto your fork... -mindblown-

THIS.This was what got me HOOKED on Saveur since the first time I tried. The famous Duck Confit.

A generous duck thigh, slow cooked in fat till its perfectly golden and the skin just slightly crispy, with the tender, tender meat, with just the faintest hint of pink, and which completely melts in your mouth.

If you didn't believe in a God before, you have got to now. 

And you know what? That's not even the biggest draw of the dish. (I know, impossibru right??)

The biggest draw (sorry duck), was everything else on the plate.
The heavenly sauteed mushrooms, the orange slices, and THE MASH. Ho mai gawd. 
The mash is the reason why no one who has tried Saveur's mash will ever eat any other mashed potato ever again. The mash is magical. The mash is beautiful. If I could marry the mash, I WOULD. And CJ would understand.

Seabass on some of the best damn potatoes I've ever tasted.

Each of those seven stalks of vegetables had a crazy amount of flavour. And those diced potatoes. Once again, ho mai gawd. If I could cheat on the mashed potato I married earlier, it would be with these diced potatoes.

Excuse me while I salivate as I type this.

We couldn't take more photos. We just couldn't. It's not possible. Not until you've finished everything. You try.

Saveur needs to rename themselves "Potato Specialists"

If you really, REALLY wanted me to give you one bad thing about Saveur, it would be that the air-con was a tad strong where we were seated, and it made our food cool too fast. But then again we ate like hungry wolves, so there really wasn't anything much left on the plate to be cooled...

The queue might be a bit long during peak hours, but they have a neat electronic queueing service, which lets you punch in your mobile number and you can go around shopping Far East while you wait for a table :) Cool huh? Service was pretty good, they don't sport the "black face "a lot of people in the Singaporean service industry are unfortunately prone to having these days. Definite plus in my book :)

Address #01-07B Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228213
Phone 6736 1121
(No reservations)
Opening Hours Sundays: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm
Weekdays & Saturdays: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm
Taro Points The mash. I married it.


Anyway, it was our 8th month celebration and we had just gotten back from a crazily tiring night cycling trip the night before (we were in the lorry though... haha!), so we had to snap some pics! :D YAY! Happy 8th Month!!! :D :D :D

TCC's Oreo Frappe after Saveur, just because I like Oreo :)

CJ has a milk mustache hahahaha!
Can pass off as a "Got Milk?" model hor hehehe.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Several Subjects Sunday is BACK with more topics! And it's 50 minutes to midnight so I better hurry HAHA :D

ONE Starting off with some CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Here is a story of a blind baby sparrow who almost died, but fortunately did not, and who is EXTREMELY adorable!! :D Doesn't it make you want to raise a baby sparrow?? :)

TWO Photography. Yes. I cannot get enough of photography. You are going to thank me for this one, I swear.  First, I have to share this! I am so going to do that to my baby's photos too :D Isn't it ingenious!! And anyway, babies grow real fast. Why not take the time to snap MOAR pictures and decorate them? :D Let's hope my drawing skills won't disappear by the time I have kids :X

And also in photography...
(wait for it)





This man is PURE. GENIUS.

THREE Speaking of geniuses...

WOW. Jimmy Fallon, turning controversial music into a work of art, since 2013. BRILLIANCE.
I have been raping the repeat button since Friday.

Please also take note the xylophone dude in Robin's video. HE IS TOTALLY GETTING INTO THE MOOD. And the guy on the bottom right in Miley's; I'm just watching him and going "WOW" along with him now hahahaha!

FOUR Have you seen this? It's all over Facebook, and also WOW. Just wow. If I walked into a cafe and this happened, I'd run screaming murder. IT'S SO COOL WTF like being in a movie!!!! I wouldn't want that to happen to me though.

FIVE And to wrap up today's post... something which hits close to home.
1200 Calories. There was a very short period of time where I tried to starve myself so that I could lose weight. It was about two weeks worth of severely restricted eating, so honestly I was in zero danger of a mental disorder, really. But I was completely misinformed, and the idea of losing weight through "diet" and "exercise" was quite frankly, pretty misleading for someone as eager as myself then.

"Diet" = a bowl of cereal at noon, and water for the rest of the day
"Exercise" = 5km every other morning

I was working at that time, so it was easy to get away with with my insane idea undetected. I did, however, wake up from that disillusion rather quickly thankfully. That article pretty much explains a lot. Moral of the story, don't believe in 1200 calories kids! Believe in muscle :)


Woohoo published this before 12am! I'm on time!!!!!
Ok project work time T_T

Ok my friend just shared this on Facebook and I MUST INCLUDE IT.

AWW widdle munchkin kitty squishing itself :3

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Rusutsu Ski Resort

Throwing back to December 2012.
Rusutsu Ski Resort, Hokkaido, Japan.

This Throwback Thursday is seriously overdue, but yay it's finally up!! :))

The weather has been absolutely LETHAL these couple of days, and there's nothing more I'd like to do than to escape to a snowy country!!

I am totally missing Japan. Even though I've only been there once, it's needless to say that I am in love with the beautiful country! I lived 10 Japanese days, and I loved every single minute of it. 

From the breathtaking, amazing sights and snowscape of Hokkaido (FREE FLOW EGGS WITH EVERY BOWL OF RAMEN!!) to the hustle and bustle in the concrete, modern jungle of Tokyo (OMG DISNEYLAND!!), everything was amazing at the marvelous Nihon :)

I really want to go back.

In the above picture, I was at Rusutsu Ski Resort, Hokkaido, Japan. My grandaunt, Tammy, and kindly brought my sis and I to this 10-day holiday and one of the best things I've got to experience was SKIING!! We hired two personal instructors (hawt Caucasians I remember teehee) at the resort, and they taught us the basics of skiing.

They praised me for picking it up fast (HEHEHE just had to include this, how did you know *ego trip*) and I was having a BLAST climbing up the snowy mountain side and skiing down. Also had a blast laughing at my sister xD

I hope I'll be able to ski again (and maybe even take the lift up all the way to the top of the mountain!!!! :O). Snow really is beautiful :)

Sister being a sotong - but let's focus on the snowy branches people!! :)
We rented a sleigh after we got tired of skiing, and omg sleighing might actually be more fun than skiing!! All you had to do was go up the mountain with the sleigh, put it down, sit on it AND WHOOOOOOOOSH you just zoom down the slope!!! Mad easy, no skills involved, and INSANELY thrilling :D

Also: making my first snow angel - check :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fashion

Ok la. Technically we don't have "fall", and recently the weather has been so hot and so un-fall-ish in Singapore, that I really feel the earth is trying to murder us before we can murder it. 

I've been surfing blogshops left right centre these few days, and feeling sooooo tempted to buy everything I like!! Autumn has rolled around in some of the countries that are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, and pumpkin orange, classic dark florals and pinstripes are everywhere in the shops @_@

Unfortunately, as a poor uni student, I haz no means to shop and spend to my every whim and fancy :(

I must live out my alternate destiny to become a Hollywood fashionista!!

ONE Scarf, tied in a bow. Do you know how to make one of these yet? NO?? Well then you have got to learn.
TWO Stellla McCartney Pinstripe Sweater. It's a whopping £750.00 on Harrods, but any pinstripe sweater will be fabulous. I haven't seen any blogshops carrying a pinstripe sweater yet (sweaters aren't very popular items in this Singapore heat sob sob) but THEY SHOULD.
THREE Floral flare skirt from I Love Cupcakes, over which I've been wondering for days on end if I should purchase. Should I? Ahhh the prints are so amazing....
FOUR Fringe bucket bag from Fox-Out.com, need I say more? Still sold out though, but a bucket bag should be classified as an essential.
FIVE Fox-Out.com braided heel sandals! Flats are passe, people. Plus a little extra height for someone as short as me is a definite must! I've already ordered my pair, waiting for it to arrive in mid-Oct!!! Hehe :)


And there you have it :D

It's probably a bit impossible to wear the full ensemble in the Singaporean heat, but individually, I so would not mind owning every piece. One can only dream~~~

Okay back to my assignments for me, have a happy week ahead!! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Hello again!! :) The mid-terms week is finally over!! :D Everyone is happy and out playing... that is, before the finals come around *DUN DUN DUNNN* ok gotta stop the negativity.

In Several Subjects Sunday, I will post several topics (ooh didn't see that one coming) of interest that I have stumbled across in the week :D It covers a wide range of topics because... well, I'd like to believe that I'm well-read, but honestly, its probably because I have zero structure in all aspects of life including the way I surf the net. I am clearly in need of help.

Recently, I find that I come across LOTS of interesting articles or videos online, but because they aren't important enough to be bookmarked, I usually just forget about them after I exit the browser. But... there must be a better way to document interesting content right? And therefore I decided...


Then again I'd be advocating procrastination


ONE. This particular gem has been making its way around Facebook quite a lot. It's Tippi of Africa, the "real life Mowgli" and even though I was never a fan of The Jungle Book, the photography is amazing. Holy shite. If I could sit next to a leopard and stare off attractively into the distance whilst wearing nothing but a loincloth, I would.
(Image Credit: Boredpanda.com)

TWO. Also in the area of photography is The Freestyle Photographer, an alumnus of Eusoff Hall who just came back recently to give a talk on photography. Ok this is quite embarrassing, but I really, really wanted to go for his talk (do you know how much you have to pay for a photography talk these days??) but NO ONE was available to go with me!! :(

Initially I was bugging Cheng Jun like crazy but he had his midterms to study for and I mean, I can't just trapeze into his room and coerce him into coming with me by threatening emotional blackmail and holding his feelings at ransom right??? I mean, that would be like soooo unbecoming. You know.

Well I failed in getting him to come along (you watch out) so I spent like 10 minutes awkwardly debating with myself if I should shamelessly walk into a room full of people I don't know, and just settle into the nearest chair possible, all while pretending that it was the most natural thing in the world. Le sigh. What has society done to me.

OK BACK TO THE POINT (see how I really have no structure in the way I do things).
The Freestyle Photographer is really talented, and it is truly inspiring to hear the stories behind his photos. He currently has an interesting project ongoing, The Project Eyes, where he photographs eyes and documents the meeting of strangers while on his travels. Really clever & inspiring.

THREE. 3 Tips to Heavenly Skin - needs no introduction really. Personally, I have a toner + moisturizer + BB cream + face powder regime every morning, and I think this helps too. Skin = the most obvious and therefore most important body part you have. I could have smaller eyes or a wonky nose, but if I had great skin; A+

FOUR. More on the topic of beauty/fashion - Why my love for wedges is totally justified.
Moral of the story: BUY MORE WEDGES!!!!!!!

FIVE. And perhaps the most important takeaway out of this entire post: A Lowdown on The Shutdown.
Here is a more recent update on the state of the shutdown and its consequences: link.
Honestly, I find it quite embarrassing that these two parties are still pointing fingers at the other party, going round robin and playing the blame game. I'm not American, so it's probably not in my place to comment excessively, but....

(Image Credits: channelnewsasia.com, ibtimes.com)

Tonight, I will wish for world happiness.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY: The Milk Carton Wallet

It's Thursday. Midterms are ending, the week is closing, and the wonderful weekends are approaching once again. Like me, you must be bored on your weekends, right? You don't want to touch your assignments, but watching too much TV makes your head hurt. 

So what better way to spend your weekend than SAVING THE EARTH?? :D
(C'mon, that was a good introduction)

Today, we shall do our part in fulfilling the 3Rs and contribute to the saving of Gaia after years of Civil Education classes. Got empty milk cartons? STOP THROWING THEM AWAY!! MAKE WALLETS.

Given their popularity, you've probably already seen people sporting them, but did you know they are really easy to make? :D I was browsing Spoonful when I came across this cute wallet DIY. I promptly emptied the remaining Soy Milk I had into a glass, chucked it and washed the carton with wild frenzy. The instructions were a little vague on the website, so I decided to recreate it.

Oh and, best part?

You are welcome :)


I was itchy-butt and wanted to use a penknife to cut and score my template, but alas, looking professional was not to be.
I almost cut off my finger. USE SCISSORS PEOPLE!

I personally think an orange juice carton would be cuter, but soy milk was all I had. Oh well.
Beggars can't be choosers :P

ONE Print the template out 

TWO Cut both pieces out and tape them down the middle.
Set it aside and prepare your carton FOR WAR!

THREE Open your carton from the top. Be careful not to tear the panel with the spout.

FOUR Cut the back panel along the middle, with the spout facing away from you. I cut it down the left side as seen on the website, but I realized that it made the carton too small for the template (you'll see why later)

FIVE Cut the bottom square away, and chuck it. Woohoo feels liberating doesn't it!!
Lay your carton out flat.

SIX Put your template on your carton with the grey circle aligned with the spout.
Trace the outline and the circle on the bottom.
(Carton too small for template gaah)

SEVEN Score your carton where the lines are. Scoring is important if you want to achieve neat and easy folds later on.
(In other words, just use the blunt end of the scissor blade and create indentations on the carton following the lines on the template. Best to use a ruler.)

EIGHT Cut your carton out, and cut the circle out as well.

NINE Accordion-fold (or "fan" fold) the lines along both sides.
Almost there!!

TEN Fold the bottom up

ELEVEN Screw on the cap

I usually push the bottom inwards (upwards?) to give it a slight "pillow" appearance :D

Moral of the story: