Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY: The Milk Carton Wallet

It's Thursday. Midterms are ending, the week is closing, and the wonderful weekends are approaching once again. Like me, you must be bored on your weekends, right? You don't want to touch your assignments, but watching too much TV makes your head hurt. 

So what better way to spend your weekend than SAVING THE EARTH?? :D
(C'mon, that was a good introduction)

Today, we shall do our part in fulfilling the 3Rs and contribute to the saving of Gaia after years of Civil Education classes. Got empty milk cartons? STOP THROWING THEM AWAY!! MAKE WALLETS.

Given their popularity, you've probably already seen people sporting them, but did you know they are really easy to make? :D I was browsing Spoonful when I came across this cute wallet DIY. I promptly emptied the remaining Soy Milk I had into a glass, chucked it and washed the carton with wild frenzy. The instructions were a little vague on the website, so I decided to recreate it.

Oh and, best part?

You are welcome :)


I was itchy-butt and wanted to use a penknife to cut and score my template, but alas, looking professional was not to be.
I almost cut off my finger. USE SCISSORS PEOPLE!

I personally think an orange juice carton would be cuter, but soy milk was all I had. Oh well.
Beggars can't be choosers :P

ONE Print the template out 

TWO Cut both pieces out and tape them down the middle.
Set it aside and prepare your carton FOR WAR!

THREE Open your carton from the top. Be careful not to tear the panel with the spout.

FOUR Cut the back panel along the middle, with the spout facing away from you. I cut it down the left side as seen on the website, but I realized that it made the carton too small for the template (you'll see why later)

FIVE Cut the bottom square away, and chuck it. Woohoo feels liberating doesn't it!!
Lay your carton out flat.

SIX Put your template on your carton with the grey circle aligned with the spout.
Trace the outline and the circle on the bottom.
(Carton too small for template gaah)

SEVEN Score your carton where the lines are. Scoring is important if you want to achieve neat and easy folds later on.
(In other words, just use the blunt end of the scissor blade and create indentations on the carton following the lines on the template. Best to use a ruler.)

EIGHT Cut your carton out, and cut the circle out as well.

NINE Accordion-fold (or "fan" fold) the lines along both sides.
Almost there!!

TEN Fold the bottom up

ELEVEN Screw on the cap

I usually push the bottom inwards (upwards?) to give it a slight "pillow" appearance :D

Moral of the story:


Anonymous said...

I'm doing this project with my students and I couldn't find the link to the template anywhere! Thanks for being a life saver!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the tempalte