Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fashion

Ok la. Technically we don't have "fall", and recently the weather has been so hot and so un-fall-ish in Singapore, that I really feel the earth is trying to murder us before we can murder it. 

I've been surfing blogshops left right centre these few days, and feeling sooooo tempted to buy everything I like!! Autumn has rolled around in some of the countries that are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, and pumpkin orange, classic dark florals and pinstripes are everywhere in the shops @_@

Unfortunately, as a poor uni student, I haz no means to shop and spend to my every whim and fancy :(

I must live out my alternate destiny to become a Hollywood fashionista!!

ONE Scarf, tied in a bow. Do you know how to make one of these yet? NO?? Well then you have got to learn.
TWO Stellla McCartney Pinstripe Sweater. It's a whopping £750.00 on Harrods, but any pinstripe sweater will be fabulous. I haven't seen any blogshops carrying a pinstripe sweater yet (sweaters aren't very popular items in this Singapore heat sob sob) but THEY SHOULD.
THREE Floral flare skirt from I Love Cupcakes, over which I've been wondering for days on end if I should purchase. Should I? Ahhh the prints are so amazing....
FOUR Fringe bucket bag from Fox-Out.com, need I say more? Still sold out though, but a bucket bag should be classified as an essential.
FIVE Fox-Out.com braided heel sandals! Flats are passe, people. Plus a little extra height for someone as short as me is a definite must! I've already ordered my pair, waiting for it to arrive in mid-Oct!!! Hehe :)


And there you have it :D

It's probably a bit impossible to wear the full ensemble in the Singaporean heat, but individually, I so would not mind owning every piece. One can only dream~~~

Okay back to my assignments for me, have a happy week ahead!! :)

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