Tuesday, October 1, 2013

IPHONOGRAPHY: September 2013

September 2013, through the iPhone lens

I'm really excited to be posting this, because this new iPhonography series marks the beginning of a happy relationship with my sad, unloved iPhone. Hahaha. Ever since my dad got the Ricoh, and gave me unlimited access to its use, I have been neglecting my iPhone and scoffing at its quality (I'm sorry my darling phone!! I now know the error of my ways!!!). 

But because my phone is with me a lot more than my Ricoh, I end up missing out on a lot of scenic moments and special times. I would watch these moments go by and think, "dammit, I don't have my camera with me" - which of course, is a gross insult to the sad, unloved iPhone sitting in my pocket. 

Hence my iPhonography series!
Taken entirely by my iPhone.

I was initially skeptical that I can pull off a whole series of iPhonography decently because I'm still holding an iPhone 4, and I can go apes over picture quality. But I was really inspired when I visited my favourite photography sites, and decided to go ahead with it anyway (have you seen Nat Geo's collection?) And after my post-processing was done, I was frankly, quite pleased with the result :) And looking back at these photos really helped me reflect upon the month, and upon myself. It's a really lovely feeling to go through old photos :))

September 2013, through the iPhone lens - A month of visiting the past, of change, and of new beginnings.

First time at the club since school started.

A lot of people believe I'm a clubber because of the times I've went with my hall girls last year (less than 10...... but definitely more than 5 hehehe). But oh well, they were (mostly) fun nights - lots of happiness and jumping and yelling-the-lyrics-with-Hannah moments; pulling friends away from weird strangers; cabbing to Swee Choon to have an egg tart (wtf that was $20 plus for ONE egg tart if I count the cab fare, WHAT WAS I THINKING) and then coming back to hall to sleep before heading to class the next morning.

On hindsight, it was really, really silly, but really fun. And hey, I'm getting too old for it already (my head was seriously hurting from the noise and the crowd when I went this month) and I'm kinda glad I have memories like these to share with my hall girls :)

Things which make me happy :)

I've begun to notice something different about myself this month.

Not physically, like how my nose seems to take up a bigger portion of my face now (what), but... mentally. Psychologically? (somebody please explain the difference to me)

I used to dislike going home; dislike leaving my independence behind as I headed back home for the weekend. I preferred hall and the autonomy it gave me.

Yet recently, I've been missing home a lot, and I find myself wanting to go back and see my parents more, talk to my sister more, heck even do nothing at home more. Home was "boring" for me ever since I moved to hall, probably because all my gadgets and toys were in campus. Now, I'm actually starting to enjoy that 'boredom', and I look forward to watching Running Man with my mom till the wee hours of the night, eating unhealthy servings of neapolitan ice cream and staring out my window when I have nothing else to do.

The neapolitan ice cream went from my plate to the sky.

Brought home some work because iiiiiit's MID TERMS WEEK this week, wooo. Good luck everyone!!

Went back to AJC for a stroll

We were supposed to go back during Teachers' Day, but because of some schedule conflicts, we ended up going on the last week of September. Chek, Gst and I planned to meet up and visit our teachers and alma mater, but Chek oversleep (hahahaha first time this ever happened), so it was just Gst and I.

Spoke with some of our teachers and they were awesome and selfless as always, being superheroes and saving everybody's asses as the A Levels neared. It was actually the promotional exams period when Gst and I went, and oh man the stress levels I swear. It felt like I was back at AJ, mugging my life away while forcing myself not to breakdown.

Bah. A levels. Hope everyone can make it out of there alive!! 加油!

Well, AJ is the same as ever, save the spanking new hostel and fresh coats of paint. We also heard the new principal is extremely friendly and encouraging, and often gave out chocolates to students and teachers who had consultations outside the Staff Rooms (!! WHERE MINE?). It certainly did seem a bit prettier now that I'm not confined to its walls everyday, and it is definitely very nostalgic. It still looks a lot like a secondary school rather than a junior college, but now I'm beginning to see why my seniors call this place "homey".

I also bought two FBTs because DAMN are they cheap in AJ! Hehehe.

There is actually a pretty funny story when Gst and I went back. We didn't know if we would be allowed in because we were ex-students, and a lot of schools are notorious for refusing to acknowledge their students once they graduate. So there we were, tiptoeing quietly past the security guard house when suddenly the guard spotted us and went:

"GIRLS, what are you here for?"

Gst spent the remainder of the day sulking.

Then it was back to hall, for the second half of Semester 1

Been busy with CEMC and SMC now that we're out of the "incubation phase" for the freshmen. IHG is approaching, and many things are beginning to step up. I've been trying to participate in more hall activities, as I promised myself earlier that I would, and it feels good knowing that I'm contributing to Eusoff beyond table tennis.

Sometimes though, it still feels quite lonely here.

But it's okay! :) I just gotta do what I gotta do, and I'm sure the rest will fall into place :) For now, I have to remind myself to take a chill pill and stop being unnecessarily hard on myself. September has been full of both stress and nostalgia, but I'm certain I have grown a bit more this month, and that's all that really matters :D

In the meantime...
I will be great this month.

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