Sunday, October 6, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Hello again!! :) The mid-terms week is finally over!! :D Everyone is happy and out playing... that is, before the finals come around *DUN DUN DUNNN* ok gotta stop the negativity.

In Several Subjects Sunday, I will post several topics (ooh didn't see that one coming) of interest that I have stumbled across in the week :D It covers a wide range of topics because... well, I'd like to believe that I'm well-read, but honestly, its probably because I have zero structure in all aspects of life including the way I surf the net. I am clearly in need of help.

Recently, I find that I come across LOTS of interesting articles or videos online, but because they aren't important enough to be bookmarked, I usually just forget about them after I exit the browser. But... there must be a better way to document interesting content right? And therefore I decided...


Then again I'd be advocating procrastination


ONE. This particular gem has been making its way around Facebook quite a lot. It's Tippi of Africa, the "real life Mowgli" and even though I was never a fan of The Jungle Book, the photography is amazing. Holy shite. If I could sit next to a leopard and stare off attractively into the distance whilst wearing nothing but a loincloth, I would.
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TWO. Also in the area of photography is The Freestyle Photographer, an alumnus of Eusoff Hall who just came back recently to give a talk on photography. Ok this is quite embarrassing, but I really, really wanted to go for his talk (do you know how much you have to pay for a photography talk these days??) but NO ONE was available to go with me!! :(

Initially I was bugging Cheng Jun like crazy but he had his midterms to study for and I mean, I can't just trapeze into his room and coerce him into coming with me by threatening emotional blackmail and holding his feelings at ransom right??? I mean, that would be like soooo unbecoming. You know.

Well I failed in getting him to come along (you watch out) so I spent like 10 minutes awkwardly debating with myself if I should shamelessly walk into a room full of people I don't know, and just settle into the nearest chair possible, all while pretending that it was the most natural thing in the world. Le sigh. What has society done to me.

OK BACK TO THE POINT (see how I really have no structure in the way I do things).
The Freestyle Photographer is really talented, and it is truly inspiring to hear the stories behind his photos. He currently has an interesting project ongoing, The Project Eyes, where he photographs eyes and documents the meeting of strangers while on his travels. Really clever & inspiring.

THREE. 3 Tips to Heavenly Skin - needs no introduction really. Personally, I have a toner + moisturizer + BB cream + face powder regime every morning, and I think this helps too. Skin = the most obvious and therefore most important body part you have. I could have smaller eyes or a wonky nose, but if I had great skin; A+

FOUR. More on the topic of beauty/fashion - Why my love for wedges is totally justified.
Moral of the story: BUY MORE WEDGES!!!!!!!

FIVE. And perhaps the most important takeaway out of this entire post: A Lowdown on The Shutdown.
Here is a more recent update on the state of the shutdown and its consequences: link.
Honestly, I find it quite embarrassing that these two parties are still pointing fingers at the other party, going round robin and playing the blame game. I'm not American, so it's probably not in my place to comment excessively, but....

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Tonight, I will wish for world happiness.

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