Sunday, October 13, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Several Subjects Sunday is BACK with more topics! And it's 50 minutes to midnight so I better hurry HAHA :D

ONE Starting off with some CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Here is a story of a blind baby sparrow who almost died, but fortunately did not, and who is EXTREMELY adorable!! :D Doesn't it make you want to raise a baby sparrow?? :)

TWO Photography. Yes. I cannot get enough of photography. You are going to thank me for this one, I swear.  First, I have to share this! I am so going to do that to my baby's photos too :D Isn't it ingenious!! And anyway, babies grow real fast. Why not take the time to snap MOAR pictures and decorate them? :D Let's hope my drawing skills won't disappear by the time I have kids :X

And also in photography...
(wait for it)





This man is PURE. GENIUS.

THREE Speaking of geniuses...

WOW. Jimmy Fallon, turning controversial music into a work of art, since 2013. BRILLIANCE.
I have been raping the repeat button since Friday.

Please also take note the xylophone dude in Robin's video. HE IS TOTALLY GETTING INTO THE MOOD. And the guy on the bottom right in Miley's; I'm just watching him and going "WOW" along with him now hahahaha!

FOUR Have you seen this? It's all over Facebook, and also WOW. Just wow. If I walked into a cafe and this happened, I'd run screaming murder. IT'S SO COOL WTF like being in a movie!!!! I wouldn't want that to happen to me though.

FIVE And to wrap up today's post... something which hits close to home.
1200 Calories. There was a very short period of time where I tried to starve myself so that I could lose weight. It was about two weeks worth of severely restricted eating, so honestly I was in zero danger of a mental disorder, really. But I was completely misinformed, and the idea of losing weight through "diet" and "exercise" was quite frankly, pretty misleading for someone as eager as myself then.

"Diet" = a bowl of cereal at noon, and water for the rest of the day
"Exercise" = 5km every other morning

I was working at that time, so it was easy to get away with with my insane idea undetected. I did, however, wake up from that disillusion rather quickly thankfully. That article pretty much explains a lot. Moral of the story, don't believe in 1200 calories kids! Believe in muscle :)


Woohoo published this before 12am! I'm on time!!!!!
Ok project work time T_T

Ok my friend just shared this on Facebook and I MUST INCLUDE IT.

AWW widdle munchkin kitty squishing itself :3

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