Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

Several Subjects Sunday, late. HAHA.
Look on the bright side my lovelies!! I'm procrastinating blogging, but I'm focusing on my work!!! :D
(or am I)


ONE Who loves coffee as much as I do?? Well ok let's rephrase that.
Who likes coffee onlywhenithaslotsofsugarorhasthestarbuxlogostampedonit as much as I do?? :D:D Here are 11 reasons why you should drink coffee everyday! Oh man I want a cuppa now. Did you know that if you had a cup of coffee right before your nap, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, without that head-splitting, groggy feeling? :)
There you go, that's one takeaway for you right there.
Visiting this blog is the best thing to happen in your life right now.

TWO I couldn't resist adding this. I just couldn't. Click for babes & hunks.
Who wants to start a Jafar fanclub with me??

THREE This is why kids are the best people ever. Oh man they are SO ADORABLE!! This is why I love Hayden & Lukas so much!! :D Speaking of them...

YOU ARE WELCOME. I love these twins so much I can't even.


Spot the difference :)

(L - Hayden, R - Lukas)

There's some twin love right there :))

Can you believe they used to be like this????
This was taken in 2011, when I was in J2. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!
Babies grow up way too fast.
I need to dedicate a long blogpost to these two.

L - Lukas, R- Hayden

Woohoo, carrying Hayden since 2011 :)

FOUR In more happy, happy news... Here's a touching story. Kindness people, kindness :D

FIVE This was also incredibly touching :') I feel like I've learnt a lot from that woman. Despite her age, she's still so kind and gentle and loving. I hope I will be someone like that one day (I must start now). This was so inspiring, and brought tears to my eyes :))

SIX And another beautiful thing which I stumbled upon....

I remember there was a time when I was so in love with Disney movies.

Not just the usual Princess stuff that's being advertised like crazy in recent years, but really the inspiring stuff. Family, sacrifice, growing, learning.... My absolute favourite was Tarzan (in fact I'm a little disappointed they didn't include Tarzan), and then I can't decide the order between The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas... Sleeping Beauty is also one of my favourites, but not for the princess. It's an entire different story, but I'll leave that for another time :)

For now, enjoy! :D

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