Friday, December 20, 2013


BOTTOM: Pull & Bear
SHOES: Mom's
CJ'S STUFF: No idea

Took these photos a long while back, somewhere along the allies of Old Tiong Bahru. CJ and I drove there to try Drips Bakery (which wasn't very nice.... should have tried The Dispensary or Plain Vanilla instead!!! Gaaaah. Nvm, shall head there with my TT girls!) and we spotted these allies whilst hiking to Drips. Naturally, I forced him we stopped to take some shots! :D

The top I bought a while ago from Delane's blogshop, SOLID. It's a pretty versatile piece and I've been wearing it for almost everything hahaha. I had to re-sew the gold wings though, they came slightly skewed to one side so I had to re-adjust it.

The skirt I LOVE. It was $59 from P&B and is actually not very easy to match, BUT IT'S FLORAL. AND TRUMPET-FLARE. AND F L O R A L! I MUST HAZ IT!!!!!! *deranged*


Going to see the babies soon (they're not babies anymore Cheryl, stop lying to yourself), and bring them to Ikea!! :D Can't wait, I haven't seen them in ages!!!!!! I have a blogpost on them waiting to be published, and looks like I'm going to have another one soon hehehehe. *deranged and baby-obsessed*

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