Wednesday, December 11, 2013

IPHONOGRAPHY: October 2013

Continuing from my September iPhonography post, this is a summary of the wonderful, family-and-friends filled October :)

It felt incredibly satisfying to edit these pictures, because even if the quality wasn't that good this time round, the memories were kept fresh, and the happiness I felt then seemed to linger in the air somehow. Made my day scrolling through these pictures ^^ 

Anyway, this post is so backdated because this semester was crammed with projects. Madness I tell you; little kids who are going to do PFM, beware of year 2 sem 1! Hahaha. After project season, finals-prep kicked into full gear and this had to be put in the backseat. Oh well. Now, finals are over! Results will be out on the 24th of December, so.... fingers crossed that all my friends (and I) will do well!! :)

Right. Digressing to studies.

October 2013, through iPhone lens - A month of friends, family and just, being happy :)

2D1N korean BBQ

First thing from October was Charis' Birthday Dinner! I miss my table tennis girls a lot, all throughout JC and then much of uni year 1, I wasn't able to meet up with my secondary school friends much.  It's a really lonely and depressing feeling, and now I'm just really glad I have them still :)


Spontaneous cafe trips

October was one of those honeymoon months, where we could go anywhere we pleased and stay out till whenever we liked, but still manage to submit tutorials and assignments on time. I'm really happy I decided to spend more time with friends instead of fussing over minute details in my school work or hall things. 

Friends, people. Treasure your friends.

Also (like any other typical Singaporean girl who likes to take pictures of her food more than actually eat it), I LOVE CAFES!!
Just being in one makes me feel a little bit happier about life already *contentment face*
If only they could be a little less pricey. Then I'd be a lot more happy about life.

Sentosa with the Tubbers

I also spent more time with my Tubbers this month :) 
I've been neglecting them because school because I've been a really turd friend who didn't set aside enough time for them, and didn't bother initiating outings :( If I could redo those moments of naive and bad decision-making, I really would. Trying to make up for lost time by being with them more now. 

Once again, friends, people. Always treasure your friends.

Sunrise at the barrage

Not forgetting the one and only haha. We've been arguing a lot more since our proclamation of "honeymoon period never ends if you don't let it!!!11!1!" so many months ago, but in a way, I'm kind of glad we did? For growth you know. And nothing's ever realistic if you don't let it grow. 

Sunrise taken at the barrage, when we drove a lorry around Singapore to help our SPT friends with their annual night cycling event :)

Spending time with the family

So my aunt from Austria came to stay, and we've been going out a lot. Popo sponsored my crazy shopping spree at Vivo (still feeling kind of guilty about it heheh) and also, lots of good food! Yum. Hope I can do the same for them when I start working :) Family's important, and I wonder why it took me so long to realize this. 

Silly friends from hall

These nutters are so damn entertaining hahaha. Taken during Eusoff's Talent Night, where Hamin, Dan and Casey drank before their item. They had to dress up as girls, and with a bit of a lot of alcohol, they all transformed into Intoxicated Korean-Ahjumma Hamin, Drunk Straw-Hat Dan, and Curvy Tube-Dress Casey. Fun!

Cherish what you have :)

So that's about it for my October days :)
(November pictures are being edited, but it was such a stressful month that I doubt it's going to be as amazing haha.)

Quite a short post, given that it was project season in October and neither my notes nor my books were interesting enough to snap pictures of. But it was still an immensely satisfying and wonderful month, and I'm really thankful I spent October 2013 surrounded with friends and family :D

Always, always cherish what you have, and you'll be a lot happier :)

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