Sunday, December 8, 2013

Several Subjects Sunday

GUYS it's Sunday yay!!!!!! :D
Although to be honest I have nothing to do everyday, all day, at the moment. So technically, everyday could be a Sunday. Hehehe. I'm a bum.


ONE throughout the finals-prep, I realized how much of a perfectionist I am.
Not that I needed further realization; my obsessive need for schedules is a daily reminder that I'm a bit insane. But I'm sure everyone has their inner perfectionist/rather mental side as well, so here are signs to tell if your perfectionism has gotten out of control.

This is me. This is so me :(

TWO also, because I'm in a nostalgic mood: here's some patriotism! :D
I really, really dislike it when I see Singaporeans (netizens, to be precise) complain about how shit the government is, or how terrible the country is and just really blow everything out of proportion. I mean, sure our government has flaws (can't deny that), and the public transport needs some serious improvement, but the way some self-righteous people behave online is so completely vile that I really want to export them to a 3rd world country.

THREE moving away from the sadder things... This was incredibly moving :'))

FOUR ever since my Japan trip in 2010, I've fallen madly in love with the place and I really want to go back to see the chipmunk farm and the sakuras during the cherry blossom season!!! But this owl cafe gives me the third reason to go back. IT'S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIEEEEE.

FIVE but of course, Corgis will always remain my ultimate favourite! I really want a corgeeeeee (mummy please reconsider the no). Have you seen my corgi butt post? It's fast becoming a favourite HAHA.

SIX and while we're on the subject of fluffy animals, this is a video of humans saving animals, and it has got to be the most happiness-inducing video ever. Those evil netizens in two ought to watch this and feel better about life.


And this shouldn't have been included, but guys, here are some reasons why short is good.
Yes. Short is the new black, people.

In accordance with #19, "I used to be self conscious with my height, but then I thought, f that, I'M CHERYL TARE."

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