Friday, January 31, 2014

Penguin Among The Swallows

A couple of weeks ago, Cheng Jun and I went kite-flying!! (hehe procrastination weeeeee). I was SUPER excited because we actually bought our kite months ago, but we were never fated to fly it (and we still aren't...) We packed an AWESOME picnic (if awesome meant soggy apple/potato salad and un-flavoured prawn wraps *sob*) and off we went!! :D

Dancing Penguin at the Barrage

Asked him to pose and... hahahah

Because slippers are the new in-thing

Penguin refused to fly after a while :(

So yesterday was our 1st (dating) anniversary!! :D Out of pure thoughtfulness, I was totally saving this post for the occasion :D

Our real date isn't exactly the 30th of January, it's actually the 14th of Feb, but we decided it was too cliche and I DON'T WANNA BE JUST ONE IN THE HERD!!! 14 Feb = cliche date hahaha I need to tell him to stop picking cliche dates xD

Happy 1 year to us!!! :D And to many more happy, happy years ahead! He is one who makes me smile a lot, all while driving me up the wall. Thank you for sticking by me (even through the tantrums hahaha BUT YOU ALSO GOT HOR) and even though a year may seem short, it has been absolutely wonderful, thanks to you :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Several Subjects Sunday

Week 2 of school passed by in a blink (holy crap I'm going to graduate in 2 years) and I am already feeling the lethargy building in my bones.

Not just because of school, but also hall, because OUR DAMN CHAMPIONSHIP IS FLYING AWAY FTS every other day, I am either at training, or at competition. Haven't had time to do my tutorials yet, and I really hate Week 3 purely because it is the week tutorials start. I hate week 3 I hate week 3 I hate week 3 I hate week 3.

Also my neighbours are talking very loud right now

My damn neighbours are so noisy

Rude people in the lounge


I think I should sleep soon, but I also think I should do my tutorials...


Today's Several Subjects Sunday (dammit la it's Monday already) will only have pictures of cute animals because it is week 3, and I hate week 3.

I'm quite good at sensationalizing news, don't you think? I should write for a tabloid...

Obviously the cute pictures are not curing my angst... can you feel my angst? Damn you, cute pictures. Damn you.

Side note, I really like giraffes. I think it's cause they're really tall and I'm really not.

Tutorial time, y'all. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Flight

The Summer Secret Sparrow Chiffon Top + Bugis High Waisted Shorts


Recently, I've been obsessed over these loose, flowy camisoles. In fact, within a span of one month, I have 7 new camisoles in all the colours of the rainbow (actually I'm missing out on orange... reason to buy one more camisole? Heheheh *hopeful*). I love non-pricey clothes, and even more so when they look and feel great :D

Anyway, have you guys ever been in the situation where you buy this amazing new apparel, and suddenly it's as if the weather is jealous of your purchase and is doing everything in its power to make sure you can't wear it? Exactly what I faced with my recent camisole-craze.

The weather's been nothing but dreary the past few days, making it hard for me to resist the comfort and warmth of my sweaters and pullovers. Gaah. Well being as stubborn as I am, I'd still insist on walking out to face the adversity (aka rain), armed to boot with my flowy camisoles - only to regret not putting that nice, big sweater into my bag :(

The lesson is never learned when it comes to amazing and new clothes.

These series of photos were taken by the super patient CJ (thank youuuuuu hehe) during our recent picnic to Marina Barrage!! Super cliche, but we went there to fly kite fly kite. It's been ages since I last flew one, and even though the lunch I packed was rather dismal (I forgot to flavour my shtuff...), our little penguin kite managed to f l y!!!!

Haha I love it when we can defy nature like this! (Geddit? Geddit? Cause, y'know... Penguins can't actually fly..?)
I never said I could crack good jokes.


Photos of the picnic will be up soooooon ('soon' roughly translates to 'much later')!! In the meantime, a new week of school awaits - for this week, I resolve to print all my notes in time for class, and not 2 minutes before. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

FoodBook: Penny University

Penny University has a strange, strange name and a good, good reputation, so about half a billion years ago, CJ and I decided to pay this increasingly-famous cafe a visit! (Yes, this post is backdated to the point of prehistory. Sigh procrastination at its finest.) Apparently Penny University is named this way because:
"Penny University is a term that originated from 18th century coffeehouses in London, England. For the price of a penny, one had access to coffee, the company of people from all levels of society, discussions, bulletins, newspapers and the latest gossip." (I did my research)
Unfortunately, we paid way more than the price of a penny.

We picked Penny U primarily because it is all the way in the east, and CJ unfortunately stays all the way in the east *grumpy face* Sidenote, he gave me three "passes" to visit cafes in December because my cafe spree is getting out of hand, and I haven't used all three so.. HAH. TAKE THAT. /smug

Because we had lunch prior to visiting, we opted for their cake and coffee instead. Singular, because we only ordered a cake, a coffee, and a milk.

I mean, babycino. 

Please excuse the dismal photography, we were located at an unfortunately dark corner of the cafe.

Banaoffee whatsitsname

The banana toffee pie was surprisingly good. And by surprising, I mean really surprising. At first glance, we weren't expecting the cake to be so good. But it easily saved the rest of our orders that day.

The banana cream was smooth and sweet - not overly done so, but lustrously. The crust was just the right thickness and had a good amount of flake, so no complaints there! :) The only qualm I have is that some of the toffee bits were a bit too big and made the pie hard to chew, rather than give it a nice crunch.


So here's the story behind the babycino. And my tantrum.

We were standing there, by the cashier, when we realized that the menu did not display anything other than several variations of espresso. I'm the kind who likes my coffee sweet, so of course espresso didn't appeal to me. But there were no other drinks on the menu (flat white? latte??) so we had to pick from the little choices we had. 

On hindsight, we should have asked the barista if they had other drinks because it is impossible for a coffeehouse to not have any other type of coffee besides espresso. But we didn't (le sigh) and being very, very typically Singaporean, just ordered whatever we saw in front of us. CJ went for their famous muddy espresso. I stood firm on my no-espresso grounds, and went for a babycino. The basrista told me it was just steamed milk, marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa powder, and then looked at me incredulously when I ordered it, but in my head I was yelling "I DON'T SEE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MENU, DO YOU!!!" 

Negative encounter number 1. Penny U, please include the other drinks you make in your menu :(

The babycino was alright.. I did like the marshmallows though. Imagine my dismay when I finished all the marshmallows and was left with a $4 cup of warm milk :(

Babycino, muddy espresso, banaanannoffee pie

The muddy espresso was really too bitter for me. Perhaps if you're an espresso kind of person, trying the muddy espresso would be interesting.
It wasn't a very good visit, but it wasn't all that bad either. I would rate it average? It doesn't seem to live up to the hype though. Oh well, maybe we should try their brunch menu the next time around.

Address402 East Coast Road
Singapore 428997
Phone+65 9008 9314
Opening HoursTue - Thu: 0830 - 1800
Fri & Sat: 0830 - 0000
Sun: 0830 - 2100
Taro PointsMarshmallows on the Babycino...


#ootd for the day! Mega casual attire, oversized pikachu tee + my new polkadot high waist shorts from Sassydream! :) I think I'm beginning to regret this purchase though hahah. I need to stop making impulse buys :(( 

But I do believe that comfy attires are the way to go!! :D (it's an excuse for my wearing slippers everywhere)

School's starting the coming Monday, and I am just increasingly swamped with trainings and school prep. No idea if I will still be able to visit nice places on a whim and shop till my bank account drops (not that I even have that much in the first place... *woe*) but it is going to be one tough semester. On a related note, I've been obsessively writing about how I need to pull my CAP, and I'm happy to say I've finally managed to do it!!! *confetti confetti* 

Pray Sem 2 will be as kind to me, and to you as well :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

To better days

I enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with my mom's side of the family a few nights ago :) It was my aunt's company dinner and we were invited as well! :) It was a yummy affair - a huge buffet spread and crazy dessert selections (naturally, I took photos of the dessert instead of the mains).

It's really during times like these that I feel so blessed to be able to experience so much and have such a loving family (especially my mom's side haha). Of course, there is a lot more that I should be thankful for, but today, the gratitude is exclusively for this family. It is by no means a perfect family, but it is perfect enough for me :)


So the new year has rolled around, and I do feel there is certainly much less fanfare. I still celebrated the countdown with the Tubbers and I met some other friends too. I remember one of my resolutions of 2013 was to meet up with more of my old friends, and I can happily say that I managed to succeed in this (omg first resolution to be fulfilled evar)!

2013 was really a crazy year, packed with so much raw emotion - in fact just reflecting on the year makes me a bit weary >< But no matter what, I hope 2014 will be even better. 

And it will be!
Because I'm going to make sure it happens :)

2014 Resolutions