Friday, January 31, 2014

Penguin Among The Swallows

A couple of weeks ago, Cheng Jun and I went kite-flying!! (hehe procrastination weeeeee). I was SUPER excited because we actually bought our kite months ago, but we were never fated to fly it (and we still aren't...) We packed an AWESOME picnic (if awesome meant soggy apple/potato salad and un-flavoured prawn wraps *sob*) and off we went!! :D

Dancing Penguin at the Barrage

Asked him to pose and... hahahah

Because slippers are the new in-thing

Penguin refused to fly after a while :(

So yesterday was our 1st (dating) anniversary!! :D Out of pure thoughtfulness, I was totally saving this post for the occasion :D

Our real date isn't exactly the 30th of January, it's actually the 14th of Feb, but we decided it was too cliche and I DON'T WANNA BE JUST ONE IN THE HERD!!! 14 Feb = cliche date hahaha I need to tell him to stop picking cliche dates xD

Happy 1 year to us!!! :D And to many more happy, happy years ahead! He is one who makes me smile a lot, all while driving me up the wall. Thank you for sticking by me (even through the tantrums hahaha BUT YOU ALSO GOT HOR) and even though a year may seem short, it has been absolutely wonderful, thanks to you :)

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