Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Flight

The Summer Secret Sparrow Chiffon Top + Bugis High Waisted Shorts


Recently, I've been obsessed over these loose, flowy camisoles. In fact, within a span of one month, I have 7 new camisoles in all the colours of the rainbow (actually I'm missing out on orange... reason to buy one more camisole? Heheheh *hopeful*). I love non-pricey clothes, and even more so when they look and feel great :D

Anyway, have you guys ever been in the situation where you buy this amazing new apparel, and suddenly it's as if the weather is jealous of your purchase and is doing everything in its power to make sure you can't wear it? Exactly what I faced with my recent camisole-craze.

The weather's been nothing but dreary the past few days, making it hard for me to resist the comfort and warmth of my sweaters and pullovers. Gaah. Well being as stubborn as I am, I'd still insist on walking out to face the adversity (aka rain), armed to boot with my flowy camisoles - only to regret not putting that nice, big sweater into my bag :(

The lesson is never learned when it comes to amazing and new clothes.

These series of photos were taken by the super patient CJ (thank youuuuuu hehe) during our recent picnic to Marina Barrage!! Super cliche, but we went there to fly kite fly kite. It's been ages since I last flew one, and even though the lunch I packed was rather dismal (I forgot to flavour my shtuff...), our little penguin kite managed to f l y!!!!

Haha I love it when we can defy nature like this! (Geddit? Geddit? Cause, y'know... Penguins can't actually fly..?)
I never said I could crack good jokes.


Photos of the picnic will be up soooooon ('soon' roughly translates to 'much later')!! In the meantime, a new week of school awaits - for this week, I resolve to print all my notes in time for class, and not 2 minutes before. 

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