Sunday, February 9, 2014

Several Subjects Sunday

I've been spending most of these few weeks at training and at practice... with both IHG and DP nearing, I haven't been spending as much time as I should on my studies :( This guilt is so intense, it's making me reconsider joining Dance Uncensored argh. Zabe had very kindly asked if I wanted to do her dance (Zabe's choreo wooo!) but I'm so fickle and undecided, it's embarrassing :(

Ugh, I'm behind on so many things, my revision, my HU Berlin application, my personal work... Bah! Hate it when I'm unproductive (BUT WHY AM I NOT DOING WORK NOW)


ONE Been feeling a little down when I stumbled upon:

THIS BABY IS SO CUTE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! T____T SO ADORABLE!! I've been SQUEALING at this video for the LONGEST time, and I'm still gonna squeal if I watch it again.

Ok I just squealed. SO CUTE *love love love*

It really made me wonder (in a very cliche manner, unfortunately) about how ungrateful I've become. I complain about the smallest of things, I get irritated at just the slightest of instances... I've made promises and resolutions to start being more patient and to cherish what I have, but still it seems I am not :( Booooo. Bad Cheryl. Still, it's never to late to try right (heh heh heh?)

February Resolutions, anyone? :D

TWO Oh man, what is it with me and cute baby girls.

SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

THREE To be honest I don't have many more wonderful things to share this week (see first paragraph), but this one I definitely must share before I head back to the books: it's a list of MOLTEN LAVA CAKE RECIPES!!!

Ugh the level of foodporn... Too. Damn. High.

Ok that's all for the week!!
Haha yes my life has degenerated to a mere revolve around trainings, dance, cute babies and cake. Oh, the shame.