Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summer Woes & Semester Updates

Ughhhh currently feeling so super conflicted about my summer plans now :( 

I had applied to Humboldt University in Berlin for a short summer programme this coming June - July. It's basically a two-week course, but the student hostel allows me to stay up to two weeks prior to the commencement of my course (= 4 weeks worth of accommodation). But I can't find anyone to go with in mid-June, and this means no one can travel with me while I'm there. Which means I can't go, because I can't travel alone :(( 

Sigh pie. The HUWISU Facebook group isn't helping much, because most of the people in it are either unresponsive, or are not going to Berlin in the same period as I am. This is so very, very, very discouraging. 

HUWISU had even offered a few scholarships and I thought if I could get those, it would make the trip much more valuable because it would mean I'm traveling to Europe on a subsidized rate. BUT AS IT SEEMS, IT IS NOT DESTINED FOR ME...... *cue dramatic music*

What should I do? :( 

Should I just travel to a foreign country alone? (not the safest idea...)
Should I just stay for my two-week course and leave? (not worth it at all...)
Should I just cancel my HUWISU plans, and go to Boracay & Australia with the Tubbers and CJ? 

Right now, the best option looks like the latter, but... There goes my summer university plans. 

It really is quite unfortunate that I can't go to SEP due to family constraints. I do wish I had more initiative to find about about the scholarships available to me earlier - then I would have realized that some of them cover SEPs, and with that, my mom would be more willing to let me stay abroad for 5 months.

But no, now I'm still awaiting the status of my scholarship application and I can't guarantee her that if I go for SEP, it will be fully funded. 

This is such a painful lesson to learn - to all young university kids out there, please, go look for scholarships.

Especially if your results are good after your very first semester - that's when you know a window of opportunities are going to be opened soon. Don't be like me, sitting on your behind your whole 1st year, thinking very little of yourself (pluck up some initiative and courage young people!!), then applying for scholarships in your 2nd year, only to realize that it just may be too little too late.


In other personal news! Some minor updates on life to cheer this incredibly sad post up:

I am on the Dean's List for Year 2 Semester 1!!! :D
*throws confetti*

It came as a very pleasant surprise and really gave me a much needed morale boost (I have no idea why I think so little of myself. I blame this on my extremely brilliant friends). I'm glad to say I managed to accomplish what I set out to do when the semester started, and I am so grateful to all my friends who have helped me in one way or another, and also my family for never giving me negative pressure. Love love love.

And say hellooooo to Oreo! :)

There's a long story involving how I got Oreo, but the gist of it is that I saw some cute rabbit-bolsters up for grabs during the annual Eusoff Fiesta and I desperately wanted one, which meant that CJ had to somehow win me one...

But no matter how much time or money we spent at the game booths, we just couldn't win a rabbit!! :( We won three pillows as consolation prizes though, and I kept begging my SPT friends to just sell me the rabbit hahaha #spoilsport

Then it was time for the lucky draw, where winners could win extremely cute Craftholic-ish bears!!! But then the organizers realized that no matter which room numbers they called, they just couldn't get a winner because the crowd was relatively smaller by then. SO. They decided to give the bears out based on who wants them the most.


NATURALLY, I PUSHED CJ UP TO THE STAGE hahahahaha! I am so many shades of evil, I know. They made him dance and he was so UNWILLING it was hilarious. And somehow he managed to get the two other boys in cahoots with him, and when the emcee asked why they wanted the bear, they both immediately proclaimed,

"Oh, we don't want the bear, we just wanted to dance." 

AWWWW I was so touched eh!!! Really, the world is just being sympathetic with us two losers who can't win anything from the booths, but I just couldn't believe that CJ managed to win a big toy for me and all my whining paid off all our dedication paid off!!! *cries tears of happiness*

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of Oreo. 

See, makes you feel better about life already, doesn't it? :)

FoodBooks on Flock Cafe, Drury Lane, Rider's Cafe and Symmetry coming soooooooon(ish)!!

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