About Cheryl

A tiny 21 year old, with a lot to be grateful for in life.

Born in Singapore to a hardworking, boy-scout father and beautiful Taiwanese mother, Cheryl is currently studying in the National University of Singapore. She has somehow managed to juggle between her two full-time jobs of being an undergraduate and a hall resident in Eusoff without tripping and falling flat on her face. A self-certified food enthusiast, she frequents cafes and pretty eateries, much to the displeasure of her male counterpart's wallet. Oftentimes, she insists on venturing into the world of amateur photography. Other issues she insists upon are that her height is indeed above the 149 mark (it is!!) as well as her personal thoughts on why the public should learn to be more kind. Cheryl dreams of traveling around Europe one day using her own money, and bringing her mom and dad to Paris and Manchester, respectively. 

When Cheryl is not busy conquering the undergraduate world one grade at a time, she can be found lounging in her hall room, listening to acoustic covers of EDM (oh the irony) and having a tea party with her multitude of soft toys (she has too many).

Stumbling through life's lessons

Cheryl studied in Gan Eng Seng School from 2006 - 2009, making some of the best friends in life. She excelled mainly in English and Literature, though that may be due to the exorbitant amount of time spent reading Harry Potter Fan Fiction. She graduated from Anderson Junior College in 2011, learning a little more about how tough life can be, and how hard you have to work if you really want something.  

Cheryl is currently a second-year student at NUS, School of Design and Environment, and is also very proud resident of Eusoff Hall.

From silly misadventures as a child, to wonderful misadventures today


December 2008
Yes, I am bespectacled 8D And with short hair!

 February 2010
With Ashwin the cream-eater! :O

March 2010
First post-JC meeting with my TT girls! :D

March - April 2010

May 2010
GESS Carnival! With the most AWESOME maths teacher EVER!

November 2010
Curled hair thanks to Cinyi! Straw hat from Taiwan :D

February 2011
AJC Orientation 2011! DRACOGLS!!! Best OGLs EVER! <3

June 2011
With my extensive collection of trophies THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

June 2011
First time dabbling with make-up!
Aunt Angie's long-awaited wedding!! :)

July 2011
TT Girls family portrait!! I love them!

April 2012
With my #BFF at Bintan! It was a great holiday!

April 2012
Val, part of my Swift Swallows. Used to be same height as me, idk what happened xD Met in kindergarten, twin-ed in secondary school, best friends for eternity. I also clean her room often wtf haha #leticiamoment

April 2012
Vanessa, or Vii, or Kar Ying (actual name), another part of my Swift Swallows. Met in secondary school; she was (and is) the most bimbo girl I've ever met xD Fell in love with her madness, best friends for eternity.

April 2012
Tubbers on the beaches of Bintan!
Most random assortment of friends ever, but the BEST. What would I do without them!

April 2012
With the Bintan sea, sand, and sunset.

August 2012
With the SDE RAGGERS after our performance!!
SDE Rag: one of the best experiences in my life :)

August 2012
My rag family.

December 2012
With the best block!! :)

January 2013
Welcoming the year the traditional way - with my TUBBERS! :)

February 2013
Emceeing Eusoff Bash with my love, my Hannah Banana!

February 2013
Who knew emceeing could be so fun? :)
One of the happiest, most carefree days at Eusoff

March 2013
A week before Cheerleading Nationals :)
With NUS Alpha Verve Team Blue, the most amazing and supportive bunch

March 2013
The opening.

March 2013
Sprained my ankle pretty badly two days before Nationals.
Still hit ASU, still won 2nd place with my Team Blue :)

March 2013
With my biggest fan, and pillar of support :)

May 2013
Hayden and Lukas, the cutest baby twins around! Mega spoil market, these two ;)

July 2013
My 20th birthday celebration with this beautiful blessing :)

January 2014
Picnics and dates while on a semester break! :)

 January 2014
Got onto the Dean's List for Year 2, Semester 1 - one of my biggest & proudest achievements :)

February 2014
First time meeting a horse, first time falling for Fiero :)

March 2014
Hugging a soft toy painstakingly won for me by Cheng Jun :) *grateful*